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    Once fired brass

    Ok, blackout brass still available. Phone number listed above. Call or text. Or pm. Since not much other interest will probably just sell rest to Craigslist guy.
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    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    The bull was done by Cole, he use to do some taxidermy out of Archery Headquarters. Can't remember his last name. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I have them listed for more on Craigslist. I don't do Facebook, and I don't want to deal with shipping them on eBay. So I thought I would post on here with some good prices. Remember your taxidermist may be able to mount your own antlers on these mounts if you like them, and save you some $$. All were taken archery except the bear (rifle). I Will tell you exactly where harvested with purchase. Lol.
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    Bill Quimby

    Very sad news. Best wishes to his family. His CWT family will miss him too.
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    For sale AR 308/ AR 10 Thought I would get into long distance shooting with this, but never shot it more than 300yds at Usery. Can hit 300yd gongs at Usery as fast as you can pull the trigger. About 400 rds through gun. It is a custom duracoated Blackhawk Coyote tan 308 that I'm looking to part with if anyone is interested. I have several different setups for it from ultralight arfx stock to Magpul PRS stock. I have mil-spec, CMC 3.5#, and Elf 2.5# triggers, you can choose. Mil spec, hogue or sniper grips. Light weight Smooth sided upper or one with door and forward assist. Etc... Price varies with part upgrades. Starting with ARFX stock on smooth side upper, mil spec trigger and Cabela's scope $1000 If you have been wanting an Ar308 call me and we can talk about part selection and prices. Nikon scope not for sale. Parts not for sale separately! Thanks for looking.
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    Not right now, maybe down the road if it does not sell. Shot 50 rds thru it Friday with this setup including 10rds Tulammo steel case,which it shoots fine.
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    Still for sale. Some interest but no one has pulled the trigger. Set up with dpms upper with door and forward assist, 3.5 lb CMC trigger and Magpul PRS stock.20" barrel with brake. Now $1100...
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    Handgunners-What gun, What bullet?

    I will be using my Thompson Contender in 300 blackout, with 110gr V-max Hornaday ammo, for the first time. I have taken Javelina with TC in 223 don't remember what ammo. Glock 21 and Kimber 1911, 45 acp 185 and 230 hollow points. All have put pigs down with one hit. I think hunting Javelina with a handgun is the funnest way to hunt them. I'm not sure if it's because the pigs have been hunted for a month straight, but it seems more difficult than the archery hunt.
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    Thought I would add pic of targets at 80yds, distance I could shoot at this spot. With Federal 168bthp and nosler 168hpbt.
  12. Very tough choice in East valley. I would probably go to Ross too. I went to archery headquarters for over 15 years. Since George left awhile ago bow service has been marginal, and seems to be getting worse as as time goes on. I've tried timber mesa in Queen Creek, and in mesa, they have good customer service but I've had problems with my bow after both places. Not major problems, but small issues, lack of detail. ie peep turning, not tied in what I would call correct, traditional way. Parts not tightened. Etc. This really sucks when you have a second or two to hit a great bull and bow not 100%. Had to take my bow to Bull Basin Archery in Flagstaff to fix in middle of my elk hunt-do to their failure with attention to detail.. Also recommend Bull Basin Archery in Flagstaff to service your bow. I will take my bow to Ross from now on for service, or up to Bull Basin.
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    Hey, that is one of my tags! Jk Congratulations! I'm going to have to wait another year for my Rio (or 1/2 Rio) tag. Just wondering how many points it took for your Rio??
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    I currently have 2 male tortoises. They are beginning to fight alot. Afraid one is going to get flipped over while I'm out. Time for one to get a new home. I want to give the one I've had the shortest time away. I've had this tortoise for 2 years, and he has grown a couple inches in that time. He loves Romain lettuce and apples. I'm in Gilbert. Call if interested and/or have questions. Kirk
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    Gregaz is going to take tortoise in a few days. Thanks everyone.
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    Desert. I think he is about as big as he is going to get.
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    Open window or through the mesh

    I have shot a fair number of critters from my Doublebull, and I think you can divide them into two groups. Turkey and Javelina, No need for mesh. Coues, Muleys, Elk, Bears, Antelope, Use the Mesh!! These guys can see( or smell) you the easiest and the mesh definitely helps. In January when you have both deer and Javelina chances, I keep the mesh up. If Javelinas come in I just pull it down, doesn't effect them. You can shoot through the mesh whether it is tight or not too loose, doesn't seem to effect flight. I shoot wac-ems and the mesh doesn't effect it at all out to 80 yds., if you hit the blind itself, and not just mesh, it will change point of impact.
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    Any backpackers on CWT hike the AZT?

    Technically, you can remove the wheels from your mountain bike and carry it, or back pack it, across the wilderness sections, to connect your routes. But wheels must be removed from frame... So you could bike the entire route, you would just have to pack your bike on the wilderness sections. edit: This is definitely true for Grand Canyon, and use to be true around 2000, when i did a lot of bikepacking. But, I am not seeing any confirmation of this on the web right now.
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    mechanic in peoria?

    +1 for Az Auto tech. I live in Gilbert and drive all the way over there to have him do work on my truck. Dave is a really good guy..
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    First archery harvest!

    Very nice! Congrats on your first archery success.
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    How early is to early

    I have to disagree with everybody else on here. If you know the area, roads, camping spots, etc, I don't even scout till after the July 4th weekend. Wait till that big weekend to have tons of side by sides driving around, just like opening of the elk hunt. Plus if you have cameras out before, there are so many more a..holes to mess with them. Plus you are in the monsoon by then and their patterns will change with all the extra water around. Find the cows (not the bovine ones) and the bulls will be there in September when the rut starts. Just my opinion, and I do drive a gas guzzler, so it saves me a couple trips up north. And gives me more time to scout for archery deer.
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    Sold AR 15

    SOLD Had this Anderson 7075 forged lower sitting in my closet for over a year built up with dpms lower build kit. Less than 250 rounds through the lower. Finally got an upper for it last weekend. Upper and parts are brand new. $500 with flip up sights or scope rings and one pmag. Anderson Lower with DPMS build kit 6 position adjustable stock Radical firearms 16" 5.56/223 m4 barreled upper with 12" M-LOK FCR rail Radical bolt carrier group Anderson milspec charging handle Aluminum FDE flip up sights/ or scope rings Magpul pmag Available Magpul fde grip or ARFX Ace Stock ceracoated desert tan for upgrade if interested. I have not fired it but can test fire it if you want. I have a 300 blk Radical upper that shoots amazing. And have several friends with Radical uppers, not one has had an issue. Pic included of my blackout groups at 80yds, and it has never had any misfire/feeds ever!
  23. kimberx2

    Sold AR 15

    Sold! Still have Ace Stock, with brand new A2 buffer tube and black, tan and fde foam $100, or $75 without tube. Not in a hurry to sell, may want to keep it??? One piece rings 30mm, with plastic spacers for 1", $15.
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    Sold AR 15