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  1. 1 hour ago, idgaf said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but  i think they're are both Sonoran and chihuahua sub species 

    The five recognized subspecies are American pronghorn (A.a.americana, Ord 1815), Oregon pronghorn (A.a.oregona, Bailey, 1932), Mexican pronghorn (A.a.mexicana, Merriam 1901), Sonoran pronghorn (A.a.sonoriensis, Goldman 1945), and peninsular pronghorn (A.a.peninsularis, Nelson 1912)

    Maybe Mexican?

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  2. 9 hours ago, idgaf said:

    Do you know if the 30a lopes are the chihuahuan subspecies?

    I think you mean Sonoran? I don't think they are. I believe those are all west of I10 but I might be wrong. I do know that access can be tough on that hunt.

  3. 41 minutes ago, MogollonMan said:

    This place has gotten as bad as FB with guys sharing wrong, bad, and even dangerous information. 😒

    Not even close! I posted a picture of a vacuum canister on a FB jeep page asking what it did. I had a ton of messages letting me know how stupid I was for asking a question. 99% of the guys that answered were 100% wrong. Lesson learned

  4. 18 minutes ago, dirt said:

    My $0.02 would be get a box of the federal hi brass top gun # 8 or 9 lead shot and open the crimp up and change out the lead for some #4 or 6 steel shot of the same weight.

    lve started doing that for lots of my 410 loads, It’s worked great…

    It is a pain in the rear no doubt but the only consistent option I’ve found, and you can also experiment with corn meal as a buffer, in my experience it’s worked well…

    good luck 




    it might be easier to go this route and roll crimp

  5. Good luck finding some. I just went through this with my 9yo son. I ended up just buying him a 20ga semi auto. We haven't got to shoot at any ducks yet but there is a huge difference when shooting other small game. I can also get target loads for $9 a box instead of $30 a box for .410. He likes the 20ga over the .410 and handles the recoil just fine. Wish I could help with what you need I just never found anything other than TSS turkey loads and they were $10 per round. Maybe call around to some pawn shops and see if they have any older stuff on the shelf? The best deal I found was at the feed store in Williams but it was all lead shot.

  6. Just a heads up. I bought 100pcs of new Winchester Brass for my 270 wsm. After prepping and loading I found half of the cases would not chamber in my rifle. After a lot of back and forth with winchester I got it replaced only to find the same issue with the new brass. 

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  7. 32 minutes ago, firstcoueswas80 said:

    I always wanted an older Toyota, 4runner or pickup to hunt from.... Until I got a rzr. Only down fall is the heater!

    The heater on late hunts, dust in the summer, and mud on the spring turkey hunts. 

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  8. We bought a cuber this year and have enjoyed chicken fried steak and fresh eggs. We also make orange elk with tender cuts and homemade sweet and sour sauce. I gave some ground to my neighbor and he made "shotgun shells" on his Trager. They turned out great! I still enjoy a steak on the grill and a sweet potato.

  9. On 9/22/2023 at 10:02 AM, Laneway1 said:

    Appreciate it. I’ve got a ridgeline FFT in 6.5prc, I’m trying to get it dialed in. Had to send that one back, but I think it ended up being the ammo I initially started using with it. Crossing my fingers.

    It's more common than you think to have to send them back.