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    Junior @ Timber Mesa QC

    Just wanted to thank junior for helping me out yesterday getting my youngest into a better bow for his 10th birthday next week. Absolute great guy. Knows his products inside and out. Took very very good care of me. Glad you got away from that other company. Timber Mesa is lucky to have you. If anyone needs anything in archery world go see junior. Thanks again.
  2. Shedhunteraz


    Just let it out. You will feel so much better when the truth is out in the open
  3. Shedhunteraz

    SKRE Gear for sale

  4. Shedhunteraz

    Wyoming draw odds

    2.8 on special and 1.9 on normal. our looking at 11 points on special to draw that tag
  5. Shedhunteraz

    Need set of 6.5 creedmoor dies

    Let me check the reloading room. I think i have an extra set.
  6. Shedhunteraz

    3b south

    A book? Um ok. BTW your welcome for help on that late archery hunt, nice of you respond back.
  7. Shedhunteraz

    3b south

    Really? 43?
  8. Shedhunteraz

    2018 archery coues

    Huge Congrats to you. I don't most hunters understand just how hard it is to hunt coues with a bow. What an amazing accomplishment. What a beautiful buck. God Bless
  9. Shedhunteraz

    Back to Submersible Pumps..

    Agree with him^^^^. Lost pressure at cabin this year. Called Brandon at Central AZ Pump and treated me right. Was going to replace all 180 ft of pipe and found out that we only needed two sticks. Looked like a huge pain in the rear unless you have the drill rig with boom on it. If you have the cash to pay someone then i would do it. You might be cussing about the third stick in.
  10. Shedhunteraz

    Pack Opinions

    Ran kuiu for last 8 years. From 1850 to 5200. Switched to Kifaru and haven't looked back. Expensive yes. But worth every penny. Go on Rokslide and you can piece together anything you want. Buy extra bags if you want and just swap out. They have tons of options on pockets also. Watch some videos. You will be glad you did. I run the Woodsman. Good blend of decent day pack while bow hunting or shed hunting. Can be made to backpack of for 3-5 days also. So many options.
  11. Shedhunteraz


    LMAOso the next topic should be, who is more of a dumbass Sticking a deer and not finding it or hunting in a closed unit. the amount of poaching on the OTC hunts is highAnd early and late archery and rifle hunts. I think most people would crap if they knew just how many people kill animals and walk up to it, realize it was smaller and walk away. Its sad
  12. Shedhunteraz


    Further evidence we need archery education. Idiots
  13. Shedhunteraz

    Youth Application Age - The Unanswerable Question

    As long as she is 10 during the hunt she can hunt after her 10th bday
  14. Shedhunteraz

    thoughts on "X-mas"

    Amen. Our 9 year old accepted Christ this summer as his lord and savior. CHRISTMAS took on a whole new meaning this year for him. God Bless
  15. Shedhunteraz

    Kifaru questions

    Check Rokslide . You can save your self a lot of coin. Even if you buy a special order frame from them directly. You can always find bags and accessories on there.
  16. You only saw it in my truck because i have two daughters and we were dropping you off at last years Taylor Swift concert. If you remember correctly you were intoxicated and jamming out to both of their songs.
  17. the thought of you knowing who hansen is disturbing
  18. Shedhunteraz

    Kifaru questions

    Talk to OZP31. I just switched this year to a Kifaru. Went with woodsman pack. Talk about versatile. Tim knows alot about the kifaru products.
  19. Shedhunteraz

    My Sheep Hunt

    what a great write up! Congrats on a beautiful ram and what sounded like one heck off a hunt. God Bless
  20. Shedhunteraz

    ISO Ranger Take Off Tires

    I have rears that came off wifes 570
  21. Shedhunteraz

    WTF is up with some hunters

    Sounds like you were in 23. Not going to get into it but a "guide camp" and its cronies literally ran my wife off the road. They were extremely lucky i was packing a bull out a few miles away.
  22. Shedhunteraz

    How Many Days

    Depends on alot of things. Mostly weather conditions and terrain . Heat and moisture tend to rise the sent faster. A good hound that wont get caught up on trash can run a good three day old track and actually tree it. Only know of one gentlemen that has dogs that good.
  23. Shedhunteraz

    28 nosler

    Adam is what we call SLOW
  24. Shedhunteraz

    22S Elk Hunt

    you guys tag out yet? Pm me if you need some help. Tagged father in law out Friday am
  25. Shedhunteraz

    Which trophy is a greater accomplishment?

    haha you do know he said Forky right? it doesnt take hunting skill or sneakiness to get with in 12 yards of a forky, even longshooter can get that close to one. Of coarse he would miss even with a shotgun.Then post up your pics of the one you got if anyone can get that close.