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  1. southernxpress

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    Dang taxes! They get you coming and going! Thank you for the heads up and I feel bad... that is never a fun way to spend money! Best of luck and thanks for the honesty👍
  2. southernxpress

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    I see your comment, I have no phone service where I am at today and tomorrow (luckily they have wifi!) When I get back into service I'll check my messages and get in touch with you👍
  3. southernxpress

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    We all need a backup 💁‍♂️
  4. southernxpress

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    Ok so without the scope its 7lbs 15 oz This one is still brand new but I did another one very similar, same twist action detachable mag setup and stock and he was shooting the 156's right at 3100fps The 6.5 PRC still doesnt do what the ol 264 does.
  5. southernxpress

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    We have a brand new custom rifle for you lucky tag holders.. or anyone for that matter! Full custom from the ground up! 26" Proof Research barrel chambered in .264 Win Mag, American Rifle Company; Nucleus action w the floating bolt head, Triggertech trigger, McMillan Game Warden stock with custom Cerakote, seamless directional muzzle brake, bedded, detachable mag that has been cerakoted to match the stock. The ballistics on these with the 156's is amazing! Save yourself the time and headache of searching out a new rifle or component and get your Precision right here! (Scope, rings and bipod only for pictures, not included in price) $3450 Todd 602-677-3791
  6. southernxpress

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    The flames weren't as visible this morning, but everything was farther up and down the mountain than when I left it last night. The smoke was there as the sun came up though. There was fires way farther north and some much farther south, it is running in both directions
  7. southernxpress

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    These are taken from these evening near the Saguaro Lake entrance, looking towards Four Peaks
  8. southernxpress

    McMillan Carbon Fiber Game Warden Tikka stock FS

    I cant believe this hasn't sold, wish I had a Tikka right now.... ttt
  9. southernxpress

    FS: ULTRALIGHT McMillan stock

    Depending on where you are located I will take it. Where are you at? Shoot me a text or call me 602-677-3791
  10. southernxpress

    Mexico 2020

    So cool seeing what you guys turned up this year south of the border! Congrats Houston!
  11. southernxpress

    Leica geovid 10x42 hd-b price drop

    I scored a case of really delicious bubble gum... you open to trades?
  12. southernxpress

    Stiller action proof Barrel

    When do you have time to meet up? Shoot me a text 602-677-3791
  13. southernxpress

    Stiller action proof Barrel

    Where are you located ?