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  1. JKS

    Crispi Hunting Boots

    I have had the Crispi Valdres boots for over a year and I really like them. Breaking them in took no time. I also think they are true fit....I got a size 10 and that's what I usually wear. I picked mine up at Bull Basin in Tucson.
  2. JKS

    My 2018 Archery Bull

    Left 3rd is 22 and the right 3rd is 19
  3. JKS

    My 2018 Archery Bull

    I was able to finally get my bull last week (evening of the 20th). Passed on a lot of smaller bulls before we finally spotted this guy.
  4. JKS

    Regs are out

    Elk Sept archery unit 1 and 27 9 points? Thanks
  5. JKS

    Wife's First Buck! 12AW Kaibab

    Nice buck. We were parked down the ridge from you (white jeep)...you stopped and talked to me on your way out. We ended up seeing a few nice bucks that day in the same area. I finally got my buck on Tues down in the lower areas of the unit. Again...tell your wife congrats.
  6. JKS

    My Kaibab Buck

    Great buck! I was up there too. I ended up getting mine on day 5.
  7. JKS

    CWT First "Card Hit" Contest for Raffle Tickets

    14 July @ 10:35am
  8. JKS

    New Mexico turkey hunting?

    I hunted NM last year for the first time and had a good time. I actually stayed in AZ each night and drove 15-20 minutes each morning into NM.
  9. JKS

    My 2015 AZ Bear

    Thanks everyone. Time to focus on my wife's WT hunt next Friday and mine on 6 Nov!
  10. JKS

    My 2015 AZ Bear

    We first glassed him up half a mile away down in a deep wash. We were able get down the hill for a shot just before dark. After the shot he was still able to run up the opposite ridge and we knew the area to search the next morning. It still took a few hours to find him the next day. I was worried about the hide but we found him just in time.
  11. I finally got my bear! Shot him just before dark on Saturday (3 Oct) and was able to finally locate him late Sunday morning.
  12. JKS

    NM Gobbler

    I ended up getting one in NM on Sunday (Apr 19th). It was tough...they weren't talking much.
  13. JKS

    Results are up

    uglydude - that makes sense...thanks
  14. JKS

    Results are up

    This happen to me too. Would I have been better off only putting in for my 1st choice...and leaving the 2nd choice blank?