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  1. n2horns

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    I have been taking mine to 5 Star processing past few trips. My trips usually come back about 8 or 9pm and processors are closed. The 6 pack capt/deckhand usually takes them to 5 Star and has the gate code and drops them in the ice bins. The processors will be at docks if boat is back in the am hours, but anything after that, need to drop it off the next day. I have processed my own fish at home, but if time isnt on my side, I let the processors do the work. They come out great. Plus flash frozen and come out sushi ready!
  2. n2horns

    Wanted Salt water rod and reel

    They are solid team at PFS. What reel do you have for the cows?
  3. n2horns

    Wood Stove

    nice stove. How heavy and how tall is the stack?
  4. n2horns

    WTS: Lures - 3 lots, New, Price Drop

    I got them out on BD. I might use the butterfly jigs on rock fish.
  5. n2horns

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    @Hac - nice bag and congrats on the sweet BFT! I will have to keep Chris in mind for future trips, like Parkers. @SunDevil - I have been on many a boat rides and got some nice sun and buzz. If you want a solid for sure fishing experince, go to the grocery store. I don't care if I get skunked, as long as the captain and crew give it their all. Sometimes these are really cool and fun bonding trips. I can't wait for my end of June trip.
  6. n2horns

    WTS: Lures - 3 lots, New, Price Drop

    price drop - Each is $65.00 shipped - now $55.00 - Buy all 3 - $180.00 shipped - now $165.00 - F2F each lot is $60.00, all 3 - $170.00 - now $150.00
  7. n2horns

    Patagonia Lake 9/25 & 9/26

    solid for patagonia, always liked that lake.
  8. n2horns

    Does this count?

    Last time i checked, was at Desert Flame in AJ.
  9. n2horns

    Does this count?

    dang shes fat, nice hog!
  10. n2horns


    Well since this isnt about buying a reel anymore, I use my mouth.
  11. Selling a new Geissele Reaction Block for mislepc buffer tubes. $150.00 Located in Queen Creek, can meet near Chandler Mall or Bass Pro, shipping $12.00.
  12. n2horns

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    Great bag, grouper is awesome!