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  1. I can program radio to some local repeaters, simplex etc if needed to get you started. You can use CHIRP or the software provided. I prefer the included software.
  2. Yes they are, 100 times better than the baofeng or wouxun. I keep an extra at the house, but moving to APRS on a HT and want to get the new FT5DR from Yaesu, so this one needs to get sold.
  3. added Diamond antenna - SRH77CA (not pictured)
  4. n2horns

    Another scam-curtis78

    aint that the point? getting screwed. Or am i missing the hooker book of pleasure?
  5. n2horns

    Another scam-curtis78

    AOL and Netzero emails are not often spoofed/spammed. looking to buy powder in excellent shape, used only once, never mag dumped, available in pristine flash or in a burnt residue. Kept dry until used but was in the house in humid temperature controlled sauna. Have a mug full of mixed powders for sale. $75.00 .
  6. n2horns

    Another scam-curtis78

    how come these scammers never have a friend that has hookers avaialbe?
  7. Selling a lightly used Yaesu FT-60 amateur radio. Dual band 2m/70cm. MARS/CAP mod done by store. - Yeasu FT-60 (not programmed) - MARS/CAP mod, MURS, FRS/GMRS available - Box with 2 batteries and desktop charger, EMS-57-83, new - Additional desktop charger - Car/cigarette charger 12v, never used - USB programming cable for Chirp software - ADMS-1J programming software - ADMS USB-57A programming cable - added Diamond antenna - SRH77CA (not pictured) $275.00 Located in Queen Creek. Can meet at Bass Pro/Sportsmans in Mesa/Queen Creek area.
  8. n2horns

    WTS: Yakima MegaWarrior Price Drop

    aprox measurements are 49L x 46w x 4h
  9. n2horns

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    your spilling the beans, magical cartridge
  10. n2horns

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    sarcasm humor, got to have fun with offering sighing in and leaving it open for us to pick the range we want, just having some fun! I practice my sigthing in the Kentucky windage style, walk her in, then accuracy through volume,
  11. n2horns

    Sight in service at Ben Avery

    What distance is sight in? 1000 and 1500 yards?
  12. n2horns

    WTS: 11.3 Pistol Aero Upper/Lower - New

    1/2"x28 rh.