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  1. n2horns

    Any insurance adjusters on here?

    Need to call Larry H. Parker, he gets 2.1 million https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMnVmT8bRSE
  2. n2horns

    Crickets ?…

    Lets face it, ASU is ghetto team/school, probably started the fight, but shame on TV for not showing the fight and no replays of it. That was the 2nd best action after the last pickoff. Sports comes with fighting, that builds character and comradere.
  3. n2horns

    Shotgun Opinions

    Super black eagle or berrrtta extrema are do it alls
  4. n2horns

    Post your best Black Friday deals!

  5. n2horns

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    T Cooks for dinner. When you see David Spade there, take him out to bourbon street circus.
  6. n2horns

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Help fix AZ Election process!
  7. n2horns

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Put a hot chick on retainer, for when you visit!
  8. n2horns

    World Cup

    They should skip showing soccer, and have dedicated slut tv be on 24x7!
  9. n2horns

    World Cup

    Why did they do gay pride colors on logo? Piss off the katarians?