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  1. I just got back from a tuna fishing trip out of San Diego. I ended up booking a 6 pack charter with Jackpot Charters, the boat is the Jackpot. We met the boat and crew at the Harbour Island Marina which is near the H&M and Fishermans Landing. This was my first time using this outfit and was very pleased. I had my cousin, brother in law and few friends on the trip. Charter was for a 12 hour offshore YF and or BF tuna trip, with the Yellowtail mixed in. We were out in Mexico about 100 - 120 miles offshore. We started the morning trolling through various areas and no luck. We found some deep but would not come up for the bite. Continued the troll and I landed a 12 lb YF on the cedar plug. I got the first fish aboard and it was bloody deck time. Bite was tough and schools were hard to keep up and stay up. We were in and out of the fleet and had a few bites but nothing landed. Got into midday and my brother in law landed a 30+yellowfin, and as the fish hit the deck, the hook shaft broke. He fought the fish for about 20 minutes. My cousin fly lined a dine and within seconds he got hammered and brought in another solid 30+ yellowfin. I hooked and tossed my dine and within seconds, my rod bends over and line rips off with a loud snap and reeled in a broken braid or knot failure at the topshot. Hit another spot and had some foamers and I threw the big rod with iron and no luck. Tried Coltsniper and Flat fall and no luck. Few others came unbuttoned and before leaving, I got hit a minute after soaking the sardine. Another good 12 lb YF on the deck. Our last stop, we picked up 20 yellowtail and had a blast and started our way back to the dock. The deckhand and captain were courteous and were a blast to be around. Somehow we all had something incommon from hunting to off road racing. As we pulled into the slip, my cousin and brother in law were asking the captain on how to book this boat for next year. My cousin booked charters each year, but loved this experience more so than the chartering the larger boat with more people. My brother in law said, we need to make this an annual trip and do 5 people instead of 6. Boat supplied the rod and reels and gear. Chips, soda, coffee and water. There was left over beer in the cooler from the previous charter, that we sampled too. We brought our own lunch, beer and anything special we wanted. I left my person gear at home, except the 9ft iron slinger and wanted to try the boat gear. Two others brought their rods. Fish were filleted on the boat. I can't wait to do another trip, either a big boat or 6 pack.
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    2018 EXO MTN GEAR K2 2000 Pack

    Great pack, had the original and have the k2 now.
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    Taxidermist conflict help

    dispute it with your credit card company.
  4. Avets are kick butt, I'm selling to get more Avet reels that match my custom wraps.
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  6. Orange Avet Raptor MXL 6/4 Magic Cast, 2 speed. White PP 65#, 40# top shot. Ding top side of handle. $450.00, new price $400.00 shipped.
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    In box cleared.
  8. I am still going to be with Avet, love the reels. just moving to a color that matches my rods.
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