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  1. n2horns

    10mm & 380 auto

    10mm are great!
  2. n2horns

    Woodbury Fire

    Reavis hike and ll through the Supers is nice hiking.
  3. n2horns

    WTS: Glock 20 Match 10MM Barrel

    bump make offers
  4. Price drop on light $450.00 make offers. great light.
  5. n2horns

    WTS: Spare Tires

    make offers
  6. I bought my lab from Roger about 11 years ago, when he was up in Snowflake area.
  7. Selling a new set of Mr Lugnuts 5746LK6-BLK Lug Set. Black with 1001 key. Bought and used a different set of Mr Lugnuts. $25.00 Located in Queen Creek / Chandler Mall area.
  8. n2horns

    Snake fence does it work?

    Does snake fencing work? Or do you need to clear trees and bushes out from around the fence line to make it more effective?
  9. I am looking to put my lab thru rattlesnake training, he is 12 amd last time was when he was 2 yeara old. My sister has them in her yard and my dog will be spending more time there. Any suggestions for the East Valley?
  10. So I have been watching overlanding videos on the net and many use 12 volt fridge and or freezer combos, like Dometic or Snowmaster. No more buying ice, but now need to have power to the cooler. I was thinking about setting one up for food use in the truck (backseat). At camp, i would go to the truck instead if the cooler at my feet, but I eliminate the ice/water issue. Has or does anyone use these types of fridges and any pros or cons?
  11. n2horns


    I have a Seekins Havak and it is a good shooter.
  12. n2horns

    Rear bumper - 2006 F150

    Front bumper sold.