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  1. updated to include a new BCM BCG and a new BCM ambi 3x3 CH.
  2. Yes, green laser is auto set on stun, fully semi automatic clip driving magnospeedo super fast bullet sender like a laser beam. At night I play light sabers.
  3. n2horns

    Fire pits and more

    These are bad butt, AES has had these past years and the are a work of art.
  4. n2horns

    WTB pistol

    Shoot, I feel better, just finished a 5 finger, knuckle shuffle with the ole piss pump. Time to nap now.
  5. n2horns

    WTT RIA 10mm for XD4.5” 10mm

    free gun, i will take it. how much is it?
  6. n2horns


  7. n2horns

    East valley target shooting

    Rabbit and coyote is open, there is your practice, don't forget your hunting licenses. Some nice yotes and rabbit on either side of the 60 near Queen Valley, not sure if the Military Range is being used but that is a good.
  8. n2horns

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    I sold some mags and handguard via UPS Store, same thing, the owner/mangers son talked to me and said its a new UPS Stores policy which he said made no sense. Said that per policy handguards, scopes, mags, etc.. all parts are dangerous gun parts that can be made into a gun. I said so what part of a paper box, hand guard and magazine is going to kill you other than if I clubbed you, he cracked up laughing and said he do it, but next time, call them machine parts, auto parts, anything but gun related.
  9. n2horns

    Mountain house scam

    3 pages on MH food, hmmmm
  10. Selling a new complete LPK by Daniel Defense $110.00 Located in Queen Creek, shipping add $10.00
  11. n2horns

    Remington 700 and Glock

    dang nice priced g21. If anyone wants 2 for 1, same lower for a g20 10mm.