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  1. Wow, selling off some.great packs. I have had several EXO and still use one. Also. Have the SG Avail, great day pack for travel.
  2. Where did our satlwater thread go?
  3. n2horns

    GLOCK 20 10MM $525

    You need to meet him, I love my G20 10mm and my Lonewolf 10mm. This wont last long.
  4. n2horns

    WTS: Hogue Rubber Grip available NEW

    Only 1 available - Hogue Rubber Grip #15020 - $20.00
  5. n2horns

    WTS: Hogue Rubber Grip available NEW

    BCM stock kit and 1 Hogue Grip SOLD
  6. n2horns

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4!!

    test drive that sweet rig up here and bring some sandwiches from Sausage Deli.
  7. n2horns

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    Like a fine woman, it is a Cadillac ride, not a crotch rocket a fast bang.
  8. n2horns

    Lucky tag holders new rifle?

    that rilfe is cheaper that a wife, divorce and kids. I sell them off and keep the gun and dog. She;d lay next to me in bed, we would cuddle, I play with her bolt, get my finger on that trigger and see if shell bang at night.
  9. n2horns

    WTS: Hogue Rubber Grip available NEW

    My Access database doesn't show any Magpul Sights. LOL, I don't have a database, hahahah but I really don't have any of them.
  10. Trigger is a BCM polished and coated trigger, way better than factory milspec. I use either ALG ACT or the BCM PNT trigger, they are just about the same. .224 Valkyrie uses the same bcg and charting handle, and yes either swap a barrel or build an upper.
  11. n2horns

    WTB 10mm Auto Brass

    I have used Starline without issue. https://www.starlinebrass.com/10mm-auto-brass
  12. I am looking to sell a lightly used 6.8 SPC II Aero upper and new Aero lower. Only about 40 rounds shot, selling to fund a suppressed 6.8 SPCII SBR. Build information below. Great setup for hogs, javelina, short range deer, predators etc.... Complete rifle comes with all of the following: - Aero Precision upper - Aero Precision lower, new - Aero Precision 6.8 SPC2 complete BCG, new - Geissle Super Charging Handle, new - BCM PNT trigger - BCM grip - Ambi Battle Arms Development Safety - ARP 16 inch barrel 5/8 x 24 use your favorite device or can - Twist 1:11.25 - BCM KMR Alpha 15 inch - BCM Keymod sling attachment - BCM Keymod 3 inch rail - BCM low pro gas block and BCM tube $950.00 obo, must not be a prohibited buyer, show AZ DL and or CCW. Located in Queen Creek / Chandler area