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  1. PelaPapas

    My Pops 1st Elk and Archery kill

    Congrats! Love that first pic!
  2. PelaPapas

    Anyone have a tree stand harness?

    Whoa forget that, Just looking at that pic gets me nervous!
  3. PelaPapas

    WTB RAZOR 12x50 HD Bionos & Drop Away Rest

  4. PelaPapas

    Travel Route -- Peoria to Eager

    Don't mean to change topic OP. Heading up to Mormon lake and figured I'd ask for best/fastest route from Tucson?
  5. PelaPapas

    First bear and he's Giant! Added video

    Dang, congrats on that huge bear!
  6. PelaPapas

    Opening Day buck

    Congrats! Great looking buck!
  7. PelaPapas

    Buck of a lifetime!!

    What a beast!
  8. I get out of work early saturday morning (around 9:30am or so). Let me know when you head out. I should be good to head out and help track... -Vincent
  9. PelaPapas

    Clothing for a Coues backpack hunt

    I'm going to have to check the local costco here in town. Thanks.
  10. PelaPapas

    Clothing for a Coues backpack hunt

    Is Costco carrying these right now? Would like to try them out. Looks good for the price...
  11. Dang, thats a pretty good amount of blood. He's gotta be around there somewhere. What day/time you heading out?
  12. PelaPapas

    The drought is over

    Congrats on a great buck!
  13. PelaPapas

    First archery buck!

    Wow,Awesome buck! Congrats!
  14. PelaPapas

    Where to buy kids hunting clothes

    Walmart has always been the cheapest place I find my daughters camo. For as fast as they grow, no need for me to drop big $ on more expensive camo for her right now.
  15. PelaPapas

    *updated* Utah archery buck

    Awesome buck man!
  16. PelaPapas

    Camo KUIU layering

    I think I read that Kuiu is releasing the attack pant and guide jacket in solid colors.
  17. PelaPapas

    PSE Coyote Recurve Bow

  18. PelaPapas

    2017 DOVE!!!

    Oh yeah! Looking forward to head out with the family!
  19. PelaPapas

    Sulcata Tortise

    Man thats a beautiful tortoise. I have a desert tortoise and they are great and can be very interesting to watch. good luck with rehoming.
  20. PelaPapas

    Some more to share

    3rd pic down, buck looks like he has a little beard.
  21. PelaPapas

    Hunting beards

    I've had my beard almost 4 years. The day I have to shave it off will be a sad one.
  22. PelaPapas

    A few pics

    Great looking bucks.
  23. PelaPapas

    WTB: Shotgun

    Last year was my first year trying my hand at dove hunting, have to say I am hooked! Now my younger brother is looking to buy a used shotgun to head out this Sept. Older shotguns are ok. Something like a rem 870 or mossberg 500. Anybody have a cheap, used 12ga they want to sell? PM me info on what you have and I can fwd him the details. Thank you! - Vincent
  24. PelaPapas

    Laminate Floor Suggestions

    We did the wood look tile in our house a few months ago as well. I love the way it looks. Floor and decor has good prices.
  25. PelaPapas

    2 guns fs

    Put me next in line for the rem 700. Thx