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  1. On 1/28/2023 at 8:21 AM, Northern Pintail said:

     PR funds do not go to salaries.  PR funds can only be used for on the ground projects.  A quick google search says they can only be used for program administration, recruitment, hunter Ed, and wildlife restoration projects.  

    I would assume some portion of salaries are considered Program Administration.  In a nutshell,  that is what the department mostly does and why they were created in the first place...to administer wildlife restoration.

    Either way, salaries aside, he was specifically talking about gas cost, and 50k trucks.  I would think those do qualify under the definition.  Those are 100% "on the ground"...

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  2. On 1/21/2023 at 7:43 PM, Northern Pintail said:

    Of course he doesn’t.   It’s just the normal comment.   There is always a little misspending but tell me how many fishing licenses they have to sell just to fill one truck with gas?   Three or four?   For not getting general tax money I have no idea how they make ends meet.  Then talk about 50k trucks. 

    The WY prices increases do seem steep IMO!

    Maybe AZGFD doesn't get general AZ tax money, but Pittman Robertson is general federal funding IMO, along with federal grants some years, they do have multiple sources of income...it may not be enough, but I'm just saying...

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  3. On 9/21/2022 at 12:37 PM, NOTAGS said:

    the only good news that I saw in the OTC bear info is that ALL kills have to be presented to a GF rep  for a  physical inspection

    Manadartory reporting for bear/lion had already been around for quite a while.  And we already had OTC bear hunts.  The difference is they did away with the more limited/coveted archery bear tags in spring/summer.  So less options, less opportunity in my opinion.

    Big BOOOO here as well...

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  4. 2 hours ago, CouesFanatic said:

    Thats how I understand it. Thats why you get a range of point levels in the bonus point pass

    Then you agree there is definintely a first-come first-served "line" for 20% of the tags.  That was my point for Geoff, which he may not understand correclty from earlier comments I read. We are all in this "line" currently, it just changes based on how we apply each year.  Not sure why others said it's lottery and no line?  It's both.

    We are also in a random lottery (no line) for the 80% pass every year also (when we are too far back in the line for the first 20%). 

    Personally, I'm more a fan of AZ and NV systems.  Everyone has a chance, however small.  NV doesn't have the game to support the demand, so preference systems won't work (similar to Az), but squaring bonus points like NV does might be a nice add to AZ system in my opinion.  Instead of an linear increasing chance in the 80% pass, it would be squared.  With decreasing habitat, game, drought, and more people living in the state every year - I think squaring bonus points might be good option to think about going forward.

  5. I thought tags are guaranteed in the bonus pass once you have enough bonus points? And the only draw in the 20% bonus pass is between people "tied" at the lower bonus point levels?

    The only reason the stats don't show as 100% - is because the people with enough points drew their other choice (1st OR 2nd choice) in that pass - eliminating them from one of their choices.  But the stats include them in both hunt numbers.  So the stats are not 100% correct and somewhat misleading?  At least that's how I think of it.

  6. On 3/25/2022 at 3:48 PM, StickFlicker said:

    The thing that makes no sense to me is the apparent randomness of the 20% max archery harvest that they've used for years.  Let's just look at an extreme case to see if this model works correctly; If most of the rifle hunters decided that they preferred to be bowhunters for deer, G&F would still not allow more of the kill to go to bowhunters because it is capped at 20% of the rifle kill.  That's true even if 95% of the hunters showed a preference to hunt with a bow instead of a rifle (I said we're looking at an extreme example to see if the system works).  Shouldn't it be set on a dynamic basis so that the more hunters that expressed a preferred desire to hunt with a bow (or even if more expressed a desire to hunt with a rifle for that matter), the permits and subsequent kill should reflect that?  It is that way for the other species.  If a higher percentage of hunters applied for archery ELK first choice and not rifle, they would adjust the number of permits (and resulting harvest) to give more archery permits and fewer rifle.  But for deer hunting, they have a flat and fixed percentage that can't change no matter how much demand for archery permits increases and rifle permits decreases?  That has always made no sense to me.

    The difference with elk is they are all draw tags, so easier to manage.  Deer has OTC combined with draw tags.  My guess is they want to try and keep the deer rifle tags #'s relatively flat with only small changes in tag numbers each year (easier for budget and objective planning), while still selling as many OTC tags as possible (to optiminze budget), all while not killing too many archery deer that will drastically affect next years rifle tag numbers or buck:doe ratio negativley. And they think 20% works.  Just simple management. 

    So the OTC archery tags are cut first, since the rifle tags are more difficult to manage and plan for.  In other words the OTC tags take a back-seat.  They assume you will hunt another unit that is open, or not hunt at all. 

    I don't like this idea, it's just what I've come up with, after many years of sitting glassing for archery deer, while wondering the same thing as you.

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  7. Lost PSE bow near Sunflower, at FS road 22 parking lot (posting for little brother).  Was left at trailhead (trail going into Bushnell tanks).  Left bow by car accidently, came back later and it was gone.  Please let me know if you have any information.  Thanks.

  8. Crazy rule in my opinion, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    They "should" likely refund you the difference if they really want to promote youth hunting.  It doesn't make much sense to penalize a youth tag interms of $$, just because they want to also apply for adult tags at the same time?  Some of those youth tags have worse odds than some adult tags...that is another reason why this rule doesn't make any sense to me.

    Back when tags were paid for upfront, this rule maybe was intended to charge you for the more expensive tag upfront (like the check/money order old days).  But again they should have reimburse you if you drew the lesser tag. My opinion. Somewhat similar to UT and NM who have premium or high demand hunts, you pay the higher price, but get refunded if you draw the lesser tag cost.

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  9. I was fortunate to draw two archery antelope tags this year, in two different states, and killed both bucks within 8 days of hunting, 10 days apart! Both bucks were taken by spot and stalk, and this now makes my third spot and stalk archery antelope buck, all in 3 different states. I feel fortunate to get to hunt these beautiful animals, and even more fortunate to be able to harvest on both hunts!


    First buck was taken in NM, after an extremely eventful and exciting hunt. My strategy was to belly crawl as close as I could get, and then wait. As luck would have it, the buck finally came to me. One shot, quatering through the front shoulder and out the paunch as he faced me nearly head on. He ran 50 yards and dropped. This is my best archery antelope!






    Second buck was taken in UT the following week. It was a short hunt, the big one got away, but this buck had a good look to him and was very nice compared to the quality of bucks I was seeing in the unit. One shot, quatering away, through the last rib and up into the opposite front shoulder as he fed unaware of my presence. He ran 60 yards and fell for good!






    Here is the full story for the first buck NM Buck

    Here is the full story for the second buck UT Buck




  10. I'm seeking recommendations and names for my father. He is entertaining the idea of getting an Elk guide for his archery elk permit this fall. He already has talked to one guide, but wants more info. His hunt is in the Flagstaff area.


    What he wants: Someone to call, and someone who is good at calling in and working bulls. Also someone who will help with the hard work if he gets one down.

    What he does NOT need: Someone to set up camp, cook, scout and find a monster bull.


    My father is in good shape, he's a good shot, and he's a great hunter. He has killed one 5x5 bull, and multiple cows with his bow, including multiple deer. He just wants someone to work bulls with him and hopefully get him within range of a nice 6x6. Unfortunately, I'm not the best elk caller, and I have so many hunts this fall that it will be difficult to get away and help him for more than 2-3 days, so I'm looking for advice from others!


    PM if you have an issue posting.



  11. I think I'm in the same boat as Jim. I wanted to take my Big 10 at a young age and harvested 8 of 10 before 30 years of age, but will probably now grow old waiting for a sheep or buffalo tag. I've taken 5 of 10 archery, and hoping to increase the archery count this year. Good information here, thanks for all the info Bill and Tony.

  12. It depends on the type of rest you have. The old plastic side-prong rests you needed the odd fletch outward. The old metal 2 prong rests needed the odd fletch down, to allow the fletch to slide between the prongs and miss the rest. For slower drop away rests and fast bows people shoot the odd fletch up, to allow maximim clearance between the fleth and the rest. As long as the drop away falls fast enough, the fletch can point up or down without a problem, but pointing up allows more clearance.

  13. Marketing is a big part of the bow market today. Buy what feels good, tune it and practice often - you'll want to shoot more often and probably become a better shot if you like it, it feels right, and it shoots good.


    I was shooting 314 fps in 2002 with my Hoyt supertec cam and 1/2 (330 ibo) at 70 lbs., 29 in draw. Carbon express 3d selects 8.2 gpi. The point is that I think its funny how speed is the big selling point now, and the truth is that most of these bows in the last few years are not going to get much faster or have much less hand shock, its just a big marketing rumble to sell more bows. I also have a PSE X-force and its just a hair faster, but not much, and the truth is I still prefer that Hoyt.


    Also, I don't quite agree with Gino's Statement

    ACC's also deliver more energy and deeper pentration...


    I think this is marketing at work, although I don't think its intentional. Arrow's delivery energy is primarily a function of mass and speed only, where vibrational loss (bending stiffness) is minimal during impact for arrows of similar spine. Penetration is different story, mainly a function of cutting sharpness and surface area of the broadhead, again where smooth arrow shafts are typically irrelevant as long as they are the same diameter. In other words, the type of shaft has little effect on penetration depth or the energy.


    Of course other little factors can contribute when hunting, like your confidence in the arrow splintering or shattering if you hit that bull's shoulder bone, which is exactly where the ACC's might be more of a confidence booster. Maybe this is what he means by penetration and delivering energy, but I see it as a shaft failure issue when this happens.



  14. I was there and purchased a shirt from Amanada on Saturday (with my little brother, if she remembers talking with me). Somehow I held back from buying one of those Covert trail cameras. What a great afternoon though.


    I had the pleasure of seeing Nathan's archery buck up close and its extremely impressive! I'll let someone else reveal the score, but he was excited and its big.