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    PLease delete!

    Remington 700 Stainless Trigger Guard Long Action Comes with a Stainless Non- Magnum Clip. $80.00 in Tucson. else where postage will be applied.
  2. Selling my Savage LRP in 6.5 Creedmoor. Trying to fund a Wyoming Antelope hunt for 2015. Stock Painted Desert Tan with Flat Duracoat. ( I dig Tan Rifles) This truly a one hole rifle. Less than 150 rounds. Was trying to decide between 120 grain Barnes & 140 grain Noslers. This rifle likes 140 grains Noslers. Will post pics tomorrow. Scope and Base not for sale. Located in Tucson. $750.00 Posted now on Gunbroker http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=456817213
  3. romytfd

    Leica Rangefinders lrf 800

    Does this have a inclinator or true distance calculator?
  4. romytfd

    Savage model 111 LRH 6.5 x 284

    Still available?
  5. romytfd

    Hodgdon Superformance

    I use Superformance for my 243. 42 grains with a 100 grain Speer BT. 2830 fps and sub MOA.
  6. romytfd

    WTB vortex kaibab 15s

    Those were the First Gen Kaibab HD's for about $800.00. The new ones are the second generation which are going for about 1300.00. The new ones have the the Razor's polished glass that are supposed to be real close to the Swar 15 x 56.
  7. romytfd

    1993 Toyota pickup 4x4 with dog box $2700

    Got pics??
  8. romytfd


    $849.47 to my door. Still available.
  9. romytfd

    Vortex Viper 6.5-20X44 $300

    Let me know if still available?
  10. Looking to set up my New Matthews Bow with a sight pin set. I put my PSE Shepley Long Range Pin set on it and only use maybe the bottom 4 pins. nothing past 50 yards. Just wondering what everyone else was using or if they had the same problem. Thinking about going to a Trophy Ridge?? Thoughts???
  11. romytfd

    Archery Stuff

    sights sold
  12. romytfd

    Archery Stuff

    i have a Limbsaver 5 pin Prism Sight $40.00 and a Matthews Drop Away Rest for $75.00. Both are new. Thanks
  13. romytfd

    Archery Stuff

    in tucson. If your set up on paypal I can send you, price includes shipping.
  14. romytfd

    Acrhery stuff for sale

    I have a Limbsaver 5 pin sight for $35.00 and a Matthews drop away arrow rest for $40.00.
  15. romytfd


    I have a 788 in 243 and it is a tack driver. Painted it Remington 700 Blue with Duracoat. And rattle canned paint & textured the stcok. came out beautiful. I put a timney trigger on it because I was having problem with the safety. If you can find one in decent shape keep it. It's a great all-round rifle.
  16. romytfd

    Nosler 180gr Partitions .308"

    How much? Where are you located?
  17. romytfd

    IMR 4320 for sale

    Do you still have it??
  18. romytfd

    found release this morning in 36a

    Where did you find it? I was behind Canoa Road?
  19. romytfd


    Is it gone? Would be interested! Thanks Mike 520-461-5962
  20. romytfd

    WTB vortex hd spotting scope

    Vortex SkyLine 80 ED Spotting Scope 20-60X80 Give it you at a smoking price! $450.00 without the tripod!