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  1. Adicted

    Looking for water slide rental for Grandkids bday

    offer up i beleive you can find someone who rents them. or just google
  2. Cousin went out solo today since wind finally went away for one more chance. Found this little guy. 275 yd shot. What a buck
  3. Adicted

    2023 CWT shirts?

    That aint it
  4. Adicted

    How long until cards are hit??

    something just seems weird. first it was only a few got drawn. Now its like everyone got drawn and also several sheep tag holders. Just seems fishy
  5. Adicted

    Winchester 30 WCF Model 1884

  6. Adicted

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Pork and cabbage over rice
  7. Adicted

    Topside Creeper

    Man i was thinking of something else. I need help
  8. Adicted


    No issues. pulled off my boat due to upgrading to Garmin Force.
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  10. Adicted

    Anyone thinking of selling there truck soon

    Not knocking any brands, shouldnt have even said that. haha... Just my experience. I agree though. If someone took care of it then yes they will last. Thats why i posted here on CWT> Most take care of there chit. So send me what ever you have. Thanks guy
  11. Adicted

    Anyone thinking of selling there truck soon

    Thx for the offer... little too much for his needs. Thx sir
  12. Adicted


  13. Adicted

    Poaching ring busted

    Penalties are not harsh enough for poachers so wont stop. What r u gonna do, take there license away. They obviously dont care.
  14. Adicted

    Poaching ring busted

    Please post links to this when they come available
  15. Adicted


  16. Adicted


    Price drop. 200
  17. Adicted

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Pics of fish?
  18. Adicted

    Another early monsoon?

    Monsoon up in the mountains at least for me who lives in the chithole desert is the best. Something about the rain and cracking thunder in the pines
  19. Would like to fish there for a couple days. Boat parking to charge? Rooms ok?
  20. Adicted

    Lake Havasu

    U know of a good place to stay there with truck and boat parking
  21. Adicted

    Apache Lake Resort Reviews? Anyone?

    Dang that bad
  22. Adicted

    Lake Havasu

    Where u stay at? Taking boat?
  23. Adicted


    Reminds me of my sons Walleye..Fools Hallow Lake
  24. Wife and I did a little trip. Was pretty cool. Lake is full IMG_2216.MOV IMG_2212.MOV IMG_2225.MOV