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  1. Anyone have one for sell
  2. Adicted

    Chocolate Lab Pups - $800

    Wow. Beautiful dogs there
  3. Adicted

    2004 Tacoma 4x4

    Any vehicle is worth what someone will pay for it. Good luck with sell
  4. Adicted

    Stolen truck (update recovered) 🙂

    I hate people. Sorry bro
  5. Adicted

    How long until cards are hit??

  6. Free if u want it. Heavy duty and big. King size mattress not included. Few thousand new. Wife upgraded and wants gone.
  7. Well guys thx for thinking of him. Hes decided to push his business doing pavers and turf. He did a few jobs for guys here and has gotten much better at his craft. Hes had a few bumpy spots but learned from his mistakes. Hes 19 so he will have much more of those. He just complete his biggest job to date and it looks great, and customer is very happy. I will post the pics. i’m not sure if this is going to be his career path he still talks about the Marine Corps, firefighting, right now he just really loves what he’s doing. He was able to buy his first dump trailer on his own and right now we’re looking for a good concrete cutter if anybody has one for sale, let me know like I Stihl ts420. All I tell him is to be a good man, show respect and work hard. He has a archery bull 5bs tag in sept we r looking forward too
  8. My son name is Dylan. He just graduated High School but is a motivated hard working guy. Hes 6 ft 210 strong guy. Several can vouch for him on here and hopefully they chime in. For the past 2 years while playing Baseball and school he started his own paver and turf business. Does good work but in AZ its hard to compete since so many people do it here, and people don't trust young kids. He also does monthly landscape if any of you guys interested. He's on the west side in Waddell/Surprise. The reason I'm posting is last night he said Dad, I need steady work. His skills are in what I mentioned above plus sprinklers, but he's willing to look into any field. He's young and I'm hoping some of you guys on here have a beginning position into something new. Could be electrical, mining, car sales, plumbing, farming, etc... Hoping to get him started in a career. If you guys have anything shoot me a message and I will put you in contact with him. He has a 4x4 truck to get to work. Thanks fellas. Some pics of his work and the deer pic is last weekend.
  9. Adicted

    Greatest Generation

    Cotton and olive. https://waddellhistory.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/fennemore-camp/#:~:text=The remains of a prisoner,prisoners during World War II.
  10. Adicted

    Greatest Generation

    Same out in waddell.
  11. Adicted

    Greatest Generation

    My father vietnam My brother and I both served in the corps also
  12. looks like he came for info and got it!!! And never came back. This is why some people on here need not to tell you spots to people who have under 5 posts...especially 1
  13. Adicted

    2001 sr5 Toyota 4runner

    Those been done also. Timing chain and waterpump about 3 k ago also
  14. Adicted

    2001 sr5 Toyota 4runner

    This is my sons truck. .Many people on this site have hunted out of this truck.. Will go anywhere with ac and heat....
  15. Adicted

    Tepui Roof Top Tent

    any more details on tent? model #, pics of it open?
  16. Adicted

    Turkey down

    Tough hunt. Not 1 gobble but got er done. Snow came in and shut them down where we were. Found this guy and was able to get in front of him. Boom Look at the double beard. Pretty cool
  17. Adicted

    Lets talk ice makers

    Tired of my fridge ice maker. All the class action bs just tired of it. Even newer fridge. What ice maker u guys have that dont take a water line. Looking at the ge opal 2.0.
  18. Adicted

    Credit Card hit thread

    Youngest son 5b south archery bull sept Oldest son 11 m archery cow sept. Should be fun
  19. Adicted

    Credit Card hit thread

    Well Chit guys!!!!! Last time i looked was 1pm. Just checked again. 2 elk tags now. First one was 7 am.
  20. Adicted

    Credit Card hit thread

    Antelope???? Anyone
  21. Adicted

    Credit Card hit thread

    Come on elk gods.
  22. Adicted

    Let's see those side by sides!

  23. Adicted

    13 points archery bull

    My son has 13 points and wants to archery bull hunt...What units think he can get?
  24. Adicted

    Classic car insurance

    Haggerty here also. No issues
  25. Adicted

    13 points archery bull

    Yeah. Many mixed reviews on 1. Some love and some hate