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  1. 20 minutes ago, ThomC said:

    I tried one of those.  One flipper came off and I couldnt get it back on out in the lake.  Kinda like only having one oar in the water.  LOL

    HAHAHA...tie a string to the back of one if thats an issue...lol

  2. 100$ each

    I have two of these for sell. These were on two trips total. Has the bar in the front to help with support. Very nice seating pad.  Nothing wrong at all.  One of the beat float tubes i have been in. 


    also have 2 sets of waders. One for a taller guy and one for shorter. Still like new.  


    Will trade for Cabelas, Bass Pro, Sportsmans gift card


  3. I have 7 days booked at alamo in march.  Cant wait.  Been doing spring break there for 30 years, started with my pops.  love it.  Just got a new to me boat so really excited to go again.

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