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    Draw progress

    This stuff tends to happen when they are resetting and getting ready for the draw and results. You are probably fine, but I would call AZGFD to confirm. Thanks. What does yours show?
  2. WallHanger

    Draw progress

    Yep your screwed. I really am curious is anyone else's like this? I don't get all crazy about when the results are out but if the result is I didn't draw and it was because my odds where less from a glitch in "the system" I'm going to be a little more than pissed!
  3. WallHanger

    Draw progress

    Does yours show 0 bonus points? Mine shows 0 but I know I have 5. It's got me a little worried!?
  4. Selling for a buddy ****SOLD**** Used half of 1 season 3 months old icon pro 5200 in good shape with two hip pouches tall frame lg/xl belt.....$350.00
  5. WallHanger

    Kuiu Icon pro 5200 with hip pouches **sold**

    Please call or text 928 595 0478 if you are interested in the other pack. Thanks.
  6. WallHanger

    Kuiu Icon pro 5200 with hip pouches **sold**

    Thanks I just edited the post.
  7. WallHanger

    Gear Sale for a buddy

    Posting for a friend contact him directly 928 978 3870. Kifaru Gun Bearer........$25.00 shipped TYD Jet Boil 1.5 liter pot, pot support, Coffee press......$50.00 shipped *SOLD* Six Moons Designs lunar solo with seam seal, foot print, and vertical pole.....$180.00 TYD Eberlestock multi pack......$35.00 shipped TYD Swarovski bingo adapter without stud.....$40.00 shipped TYD *SOLD* Manfrotto 3265 Ball head with plate.....$65.00 shipped *SOLD*
  8. Posting for family member. Located in Payson. New tires, clean interior, white Z71 with 114XXXmiles Asking 8500.00 4x4 actuator needs replaced otherwise it is mechanically sound.
  9. WallHanger

    Gear Sale for a buddy

    Jet Boil pot sold
  10. WallHanger

    Gear Sale for a buddy

    Manfrotto ball head sold.
  11. WallHanger

    Gear Sale for a buddy

    TTT Swarovski adapter sold.
  12. WallHanger

    Gear Sale for a buddy

    Bino adapter sold pending funds.
  13. WallHanger

    Once in a lifetime last day buck

    Wake up on the last day of the year knowing that odds are you didn't get a buck in 2016....then go to bed on the highest high that one of the biggest bucks you may ever kill was in 2016! Holy crap man that's hunting! Good job, thanks for sharing he is a heck of a buck!
  14. WallHanger

    Merry Christmas

    Good thinking! Merry Christmas.
  15. WallHanger

    What does your "long range" hunting rifle way?

    Absolutely not true we have killed two bears over a 1000 with 6 and 6.5Creedmoor And multiple deer close to it . It's all shot placement Curious Beardaz, what's the energy on the 6.5 bullet you guys killing with at 1000?
  16. WallHanger

    Favorite As They Lay

    Great pics. I like the white one in the water...was that in a spring or just run off? I'll share a couple neat finds from this year.
  17. WallHanger

    2016 Antelope mounted

    Wow that was quick. Looks great.