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  1. 8OWHUNT247

    Naked chicks with guns!!

    Thats what I love about hatchlings..... I get older and they stay the same age!!!
  2. 8OWHUNT247

    The Grand Canyon

    WOW... Thanks!
  3. 8OWHUNT247

    NEW Havalon Piranta Bolt

    Me too!!! If anyone is on the fence.... Do it!
  4. 8OWHUNT247

    Dynex Tripods

    PM Sent..
  5. 8OWHUNT247

    Got my elk back!

    Well I got my Elk Mount back and let me just take this time to Thank Pioneer Taxidermy for not only doing an amazing job but they did it fast too! Thank you Larry & Rhonda!! This has been a long awaited trophy for me and it was worth every second! We also got my sons cow hide back.. He is thrilled! Maybe now he will cut his dang hair!! Enjoy!!
  6. 8OWHUNT247

    Winter pics

    Holy Moly! Yeah he must of woke up to his big as* stomach growling!!! Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
  7. 8OWHUNT247

    weird lookin doe

    First of all, I LOVE the name of the camera!! I wish I named my camera that got stolen the same!! Yeah, looks like one OLD muley doe... (Half mule, half deer right).. Thanks for sharing!
  8. 8OWHUNT247

    optics rentals

    I haven't actually rented anything from them but I never think twice before referring Ross Outdoors...
  9. 8OWHUNT247

    Mathews Creed

    Well heck, a 629 looks like the 686!! Let me know... Remember..... 686 PLUS....
  10. 8OWHUNT247

    Mathews Creed

    What about a S&W 686+ in a .357?? It's the 7 round revolver with a 6" barrel.. Lets do this buddy..
  11. 8OWHUNT247

    goulds turkeys

    35B has birds everywhere! I've noticed the population increase over the last couple years too!
  12. +1 It only shows up if you bought it online. I would just do a dup.....
  13. It still says the next drawing is Feb. 5th..... Will this be updated?
  14. Yes Please!!! Fantastic photo's!! Thanks!
  15. 8OWHUNT247

    Wyoming NR fee increases?

    Looks like I need to get in one more hunt.... That sucks.. Thanks for posting..
  16. 8OWHUNT247

    Happy New Year,My Birthday Buck

    Is that the EVO thats treating you so well??? Great Buck Nate!!! It's been a while, I need to stop in and say hi....
  17. Outstanding!!! Thanks for the ride!!
  18. 8OWHUNT247

    My 2012 Archery Buck

    heck, I'll go with you next time!!! LOL - Great job on a well deserved buck!!
  19. 8OWHUNT247

    December Archery Muley

    Well Done!!!!
  20. 8OWHUNT247


    Beautiful Buck!! Way to put em' down!!
  21. 8OWHUNT247

    High Desert Mule Deer.. BBD!

    Nothing like a fresh snow and a bow in hand.... Biggest deer to date, super stoked!!
  22. 8OWHUNT247

    High Desert Mule Deer.. BBD!

    Okay, okay, okay…… Here’s the story, although it is not as glorious as some that I have read here… I will start it on Thursday, knowing that archery opened on Friday, I scrambled to get everything done with work and did so, looks like I’m out of here…. Friday morning I find myself in a part of the state I have never hunted before, sitting a nice little hill I hiked up @ first light, glassing, glassing, and as you know…….more glassing. I had a lot of area to look at and was really feeling like this was the spot that was going to produce, one problem, no deer… After a couple of hours I managed to locate about 5 does across the ridge.. Being the time of year it is, I start getting excited wondering what little nook the buck will step out of BUT he never showed himself…. High winds and patchy rain made it tough to sit the whole day so I packed up and headed out…. Looks like I’ll have to come back another time…. With the fresh snow in the higher elevations and the thought of that perfect spot, I decided that the next day would be a GREAT time to go… J Sorry babe, got to go…. I was not really planning on hiking all over God’s WHITE Earth (blue jeans)… All I wanted to do was setup on the ridge where those does were the day before, the buck has to be around there somewhere.. As I walk to my destination, I cut some fresh tracks. They can’t be that old and it is ugly out, they can’t be THAT far away. As I drag my feet through the snow trying not to make much of a “crunch”(thanks Dad) I realize there is a new track with the group and it is a large buck track! Creep, Creep, Creep… Right when I start to question how far I am going to take this (again, wearing blue jeans because I am dumb) a big doe stands up and steps out in front of me.. With her staring at me (30 yards), I start looking around her to see where the rest are. At that point another doe stood up, stepped to right behind the other one. “Oh, they’re all bedded in this thicket”….. Another doe stands up and steps out, and another! Right as I am thinking this is cool but isn’t going to last long, another deer stands up, and steps out only this one brought the bush out with him!!! I can’t hardly believe what I am looking at but instinct kicks in and I bring the Z7 to full draw.. The wind is perfect and they don’t quite know what I am but they’re nervous… I need him to take another step to get from behind his girls… I have to do something because they are about to bounce, so I give my best buck grunt (nice and quiet) and that’s all it took… He gave me 2 more steps, I placed my 30 on his vitals and sent my full metal jacket flying!! RAGE in the CAGE!! Although the shot was a little back, with the snow, I knew this buck was mine! I decided to back out and go drink some coffee for an hour or so.. After making some calls my brother-in-law showed up in 45 minutes, don’t ask me how… While I was warming up, looking at google earth, I realized there was a road that travels about a mile below the place I shot this guy and he was running down hill in that direction! All excited I got back out there and picked up the trail.. After a LONG trail (hate to say it but its true) I find this guy bunched up in a thicket!! I was beside myself!!! I have never taken anything like it!! Here is the icing on the cake, at this point we could see the road below and it was little over a quarter mile, down hill.. I got him cleaned up and the drag was so easy on the snow I almost sat on top of him and slid down the hill!! Back at home by noon!! Hope you enjoyed…. Thanks!
  23. 8OWHUNT247

    Found one

    Way to go Dad!!! Good job!
  24. 8OWHUNT247

    Sonora 2012

    So how do I get some ranch info???