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  1. 8OWHUNT247

    Swarovski 15x56 NIB

    Been reaching out. Are these sold?
  2. 8OWHUNT247

    Swarovski 15x56 NIB

    Are these still available?
  3. 8OWHUNT247

    Taxidermy Nightmare!

    So, I take my largest Mule Deer to date to "Taxidermy AZ" here in Phoenix. Jeff Paulson had quite the portfolio and is obviously a talented person. I was really starting to get excited to get my wall pedestal back, time wise, it should have been here already. Next, I get an email from Jeff with the subject "Trophy Update", I get a big ol' smile thinking its an update of good news. Instead, this is what is attached. November 04, 2013 Dear Valued Customer, First and foremost I would like to thank you for your patronage and all the wonderful friends and customers I have had the pleasure to meet over the past three years while operating Taxidermy AZ, it has been a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, circumstances related to zoning in the city of Glendale have forced my hand and resulted in the closing of the Taxidermy AZ studios. After careful thought and consideration I wanted to emphasize to you and ensure you that your mount will be completed in a professional manner with the assistance of my brother, also a licensed taxidermist in the city of Phoenix. Please understand your trophy is completely safe and you are at no risk of loosing your valuable trophy. With that being said my Tom brother will be finishing up the balance of my workload while I go back to work to provide the finances required to complete each mount. Please be patient as the work is transitioned and completed as quickly and efficiently as possible without jeopardizing quality. However, If for any reason you wish to terminate our contract and take possession of your trophy I completely understand. All I ask is that you please provide me written notice and allow 24 hrs for me to get your trophy ready for pick up. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you will allow us to finish your trophy in the coming months. Kind regards, Jeff Paulson My heart sank.. Last time I spoke with him he said he had just got my hide back. I am assuming (because he won't respond to emails) that that's where it sits now.. Horns, Completed Hide, and ....????... Is anyone else dealing with this now? Hopefully a taxidermist sponsor on this site can give me some suggestions. Do I need to worry and get my incomplete deer back from him? Thanks, looking forward to thoughts..
  4. 8OWHUNT247

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    They’re later than a hookers period!! Maybe we can harass a poacher in the meantime..??
  5. 8OWHUNT247

    Mormon Lake Lodge

    Fair priced cabins/rooms. The steakhouse/bar actually has some pretty good food. There is also a pizza place there. Some of the rooms have a kitchen so you can cook as well.
  6. 8OWHUNT247

    Do we really need a border wall?

    Yes to all.. heck, I'm going to build it.
  7. I have up for sale a Primos Double Bull “Bull Pen” Ground Blind. New in Box. $200 Cash or PayPal Will ship for additional cost.
  8. 8OWHUNT247

    Double Bull “Bull Pen” Ground Blind NIB

    SOLD. Nice meeting you too sir. Enjoy it.
  9. 8OWHUNT247

    Double Bull “Bull Pen” Ground Blind NIB

    Open to offers and trades...
  10. 8OWHUNT247

    Double Bull “Bull Pen” Ground Blind NIB

    NW side of town. I work in downtown phoenix.
  11. 8OWHUNT247

    Daniel Brooks . . .

  12. 8OWHUNT247

    Archery Antelope Roll Call

    19a for me tomorrow!!!
  13. 8OWHUNT247

    Lets See Them Kids

    Love this thread!!!
  14. 8OWHUNT247

    Field Scoring antelope

    ouch... guess I should have googled first. lol
  15. 8OWHUNT247

    Field Scoring antelope

    ^ They are horned.. No shedding for antelope.
  16. 8OWHUNT247

    19A questions, help

    In the same boat.. I've managed to find some goats but the access sure left me wanting..
  17. 8OWHUNT247

    2018 Antelope results

    19a Early Archery Hunt for me!!
  18. 8OWHUNT247

    Left Over Elk Tag List B.S.!!!

    Better yet.. What happens to the tags that get given back via point guard?? Donate?
  19. 8OWHUNT247

    Results up!

    the first 19a Antelope Archery hunt for me..... Super stoked..
  20. 8OWHUNT247

    Day One Results

    So far 1 Jr elk tag for my daughter and it also looks like I will get to hunt archery lope in AZ finally!! I am hoping for more hits but I used capital one so I guess we'll see!! LOL Super Stoked!!!
  21. 8OWHUNT247

    Regs are out

    that was 19a early and 19a late..
  22. 8OWHUNT247

    Regs are out

    ELK 6 points - 6a archery bull/5bs archery bull?? ANTELOPE 9 points - 19a archery and 19a archery?? Thanks!!!
  23. 8OWHUNT247


    When is this going down?
  24. 8OWHUNT247

    Taxidermy Nightmare!

    I ended up just going and getting my antlers from Tom. He seemed like a nice guy but all I ever got was excuses. At the end of the day, this is what happened... Tom took over for his brother that apparently lost my hide. Instead of just telling me that, Tom waited over a year to say "well if you can find a hide, I will mount your buck".... um no, is what I said. Then I was on a mission to at least get my antlers back. After months of hounding, I just went ahead and showed up at his house and didn't leave until I got my property back. So it's a bitter sweet deal I guess.. I did eventually get my rack back but now my biggest muley to date is just that, a rack, not even a euro.. If it were me, I would cut my losses and hope to get your property back.