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Found 2 results

  1. Thanks to those who offered advice on my previous 6.5X55 Reloading Thread http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/73806-65x55-se-handloading-whats-its-potential/ Took my new T3 to the range today. Shot 10 different 5 shot strings with both Reloder 23 and Reloder 26, shooting 143gr ELD-X,Lapua Brass, COAL 3.174", .003 off the lands, 22.4" fluted barrel. R26 showed higher velocity and got me up over 3050 fps but all R26 loads were right at, or a hair over 1 moa at 100 yards. Didn't see any classic signs of high pressure, but the brass offered more resistance than I'd like when I resized them. The R23 showed exceptional accuracy in loads between 2830 and 2865 fps (See pics below) and the brass resized effortlessly. I gotta say, this gun is a joy to shoot, weighs a little over 7 lbs scoped and all I did was put in a $7 varmint trigger spring from Ernie the Gunsmith, swap out the T3 Stock for a Takeoff T3X stock, and put on a limbsaver pad. I'm really impressed with the factory trigger, and it breaks cleanly at 1.3 lbs. with the new spring. I might do a little more work with the R26 or some VV N560 or MRP to see if there is an accuracy node around 2900fps, but for now, I'm more than happy with how it shot today and plan on hunting with this load in October. The R23 seems like a winner in the 6.5 swede! avg. 2860 fps avg. 2863 fps avg. 2843 fps
  2. I'm looking for handload info from those of you experienced with the 6.5X55 SE. I'm curious about what kind of velocity I can safely attain in a modern action. I'd like to get a new 6.5 for this fall and am considering both the 6.5X55 and the 6.5 Creedmoor. I like the new Tikka T3X and have been considering a Ruger American as well, but don't really want to replace the cheap stock. It will be a hunting rifle and something else to shoot when I get the urge. I'll probably stick to bullets it the 140gr range in either cartridge. The Creedmoor appears to top out at ~2700 fps with 140gr pills. The Swede sure seems like it could have a lot of potential in one of those new Tikka's!