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Found 27 results

  1. I couldn't believe it when I saw the $90 hit on my card this year. I knew it was my best change to draw with a unit that has had 0 hunts in the last 4 years, hoping people didn't notice there were new tags or not wanting to put in if the herd had declined that much to take tags away. Either way I was lucky enough to draw my first antelope tag. With only 1 archery hunt before and only 1 other hunter seems like we'll be able to have the place to ourselves. I can't wait to get out scouting as I've never really had the chance to watch antelope other than seeing them off the sides of highways. If any one has tag number 1 or knows them, DM me so we can hopefully stay out of each others way on the hunt. Good luck to everyone else lucky enough to draw an antelope tag this year!
  2. I’ve been vicariously hunting through a couple Dudes with pronghorn tags, but little feedback. I know of (1) success in 19A. Anybody got pics of AZ 2022 to share?
  3. I'm first time Pronghorn hunter and have a General 19A tag Sept 2021. I've been scouting and road familiarity over the last two months when able to drive up the hill. Access is definitely challenging with this GMU! Would some experienced hunters be willing to share or confirm my newbie findings on finding success? I'm not concerned about P&Y score, as much as getting a respectable buck size and memories to last a lifetime. I'm excited and nervous over the potentially 36 less bucks to hunt (killed by archery and muzz) before my Sept hunt starts. While I've spoken to some land owners and AZGFD Warden about access to private land, it appears I'm either short on cash or late to the game for property privileges. So my hunt will be entirely on State Trust land and Prescott NF. I'm physically capable to hike in where most people won't.Yesterday I was glassing north Fain Ranch. Last week driving/observing Perkinsville Road from Chino to APS substation. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Feel free to PM me. Thank you in advance!
  4. My son has the unit 10 speed goat tag, I have flat line maps, big Bo permits, public land. So I'm looking for any info, rds, mile post anything that can help. I have help many on here in the past now hoping for some good carma in return. I appreciate anything you got and even for what you don't. Thank you my friends have a blessed and safe hunting season.,
  5. Hello all, Tons of firsts for me here, first time on the forum, first antelope hunt and first time hunting Unit 10. Im trying to figure out where to hunt / starting point for scouting. I’m on google earth and OnX trying to make sense of all the ranches , public lands and private lands as I debate hunting on the big Boquillas. Does anyone have any maps (or a napkin sketch) that show the other ranch boundaries ? So far I thing I’ve been able to ID the Big Bo, Babbitt and Perrin but looking for Diamond A. I hear the whole unit is prime for antelope but can’t decide if it’s worth the fees to go on the big Bo. Any area recommendations, hunting tactics, or general wisdom about hunting antelope in this unit would be greatly appreciated.
  6. U.T.A.H. Camp

    Unit 10 Camp

    UNIT TEN ARIZONA HUNT camp Are you looking for a secluded, private base camp spot for your prized Unit Ten big game tag? Would you like to help assist a like-minded hunter in developing a private hunting camp? Access 40 heavily treed acres of juniper forest adjacent to state trust checkerboard. Be right in the middle of all of the action – geographically & literally. Hunt from camp or commute to your spot on the Big Bo, Kaibab or other Williams’s corner areas. Learn the areas north or south of the railroad tracks in unit ten. Know what tank you will sit or which meadow is better for a stalk. Antelope, mule deer & elk are abundant in this area. Not to mention the many other big game, small game and predator species that calls this area home. · 3.1 miles off pavement (Crookton Road) · 12 miles to Ash Fork · No improvements, no hookups · Access 40 private acres · Utilize 1 acre for your base camping needs · $20 week / $50 month · RV’s, tents or car camping Remember: This is not a destination, this is a starting point. *Not a licensed guide. Open to any reasonable trade. Send me a PM - Thanks for reading. 20180204_153923.mp4
  7. wildwoody

    Wyoming draw results

    At 10am mnt time Wyoming results are to be posted, tell us what you got
  8. Well no elk tag so I figured I’d get my mind off of it by working up a new load for deer/antelope sized critters and I’m trying to decide what bullets to try. I like two holes so I’ve always shot partitions or Barnes but I’m thinking of extending my range a little to maybe 400 or 500 yards. I planned to use the TTSX since they shoot so well, but I won’t have enough velocity beyond about 350 yards to know for certain that I’ll get good expansion. Partitions don’t group as well for me at the longer distances. After doing some reading and researching I’m finding good info on the Hornady ELD X and Berger. Sounds like Bergers generally explode on impact which gives great results if you hit in the ribs, but less consistent results if you’re a little far forward into the shoulder. The ELD X is pretty new so I mostly find info about accuracy, but not a lot of detail about performance on game. Although what I have found about on game performance has been mostly very positive. Do any of you have recommendations for a solid performer for these conditions? I might have enough points in the next year or two to hunt the strip which was another reason I was thinking about Barnes but I’d want something that I know will expand as the velocity drops off. If it performed well on elk that would be nice, but not my main focus right now. Another plus to the ELDX is they cost about the same as standard rounds so I could afford to practice with my actual hunting load. Thanks for any input!
  9. singleshot

    The power of water

    The view from my in laws back porch. Every year at this time the water brings them in. Some times my mother in law will get a picture with five of our big game species in it at the same time.
  10. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Az Pronghorn and Cinnamon Black bear

    Two more trophies going home....these "wall pedestals" are becoming a very popular way to upgrade your mount without the space and cost of a full pedestal. Love the color on this bear....
  11. tjhunt2

    AZGFD Account pending

    My azgfd account says antelope pending. It also says I have 0 indiv.Bonus Points. I had 21bp going into this draw. Can this mean I'm drawn or not? TJ
  12. Couestracker

    Some old finds

    I thought I'd post a pic of some old finds-sorry, no ATL's. The elk shed is not only my first brown ever, but found on my first day of my first-ever turkey hunt, in 2004, unit 27. It's unique, it's just the eye guard. There was obviously some trauma to this bull early in the growing season. The antelope shed (sheath) was found (among others) on my first antelope hunt, in Wyoming, 2005. The Coues shed was found on my first Coues hunt in the Chiriquahua's, 2004. It's the smallest 3 point shed I've ever found.
  13. Koury Guide Service

    Opening Day Archery Giant Down.....

    Jim made a great shot to secure his opening day giant. I had watched this Antelope for the past couple years. After Jim called with his tag I started the process of finding the three largest Antelope in the unit. I look at over 70 bucks in the process of elimination. This buck was our #1 buck. I had decided we would hunt him until he got in an area where he would be real hard to hunt with a bow and arrow and then we would move and hunt buck #2 until this buck came back to his normal routine. Luckily for us the first stalk was the only stalk we would need.
  14. When I fill out my hunting license and apply for a draw I do so believing that the AZGFD is keeping my information confidential. It is not that I am paranoid but I absolutely hate solicitors, if I want your product or service I will come to you don't come banging on my door or send me junk in the mail. So, the root of this all... I was lucky to receive an Antelope tag this year 1 of 4 for the area I chose. I came home to find a post card with my name on it that says Congrats on your Antelope Draw! you have received 10% off your next mount. The post card came from a private business so I must be oblivious to the fact that azgfd is giving away my name and address every time I draw for a hunt or these guys are dug up my info some other way. Has this happened to you?
  15. 6AYoteHunter

    AZGFD online draw poll

    Well what do you guys think about the online draw? Never have the time to go to the meetings and they never send out surveys about this topic. It has gone really bad for me the last couple draw cycles. So many errors and phone calls. Hope this poll is helpful. Maybe it can be shown to the commission.
  16. Well i just got my antelope back from who i consider the best taxidermist on the planet. I drew a wyoming antelope tag last year with my brother in law and our sons. Had a great time and knew who exactly i wanted to do my mount for my first speed goat. Dale and Heather are very good friends of my wife and mine. And two the most amazing people you could ever met. We are very blessed to have such wonderful friends. I just wanted to say thanks to them and their business Wild Heritage Taxidermy. I would not trust any one else with my trophies. And every time they seem to amaze me this with work. I cannot wait till my bull get finished, you guys will be in awe. Thanks again dale and heather for doing such a great job on all my animals. you can see just how exact they got him from the day i shot him to the day they finished.
  17. Pixman

    Sweet Antelope buck

    I went up north to put a couple of cams in elk country. I was able to shed hunt for a couple of hours and only found an old busted but heavy shed. It was rainy and it even snowed so I wasn't able to go out as much as I wanted but we had a great time. I haven't taken a lot of pics of antelope but I thought this buck was awesome! The elk and deer were pretty shaggy but it was nice to see some animals and get outdoors for the weekend. Here are a few pics from the trip.
  18. High Point Outfitters

    AZ Antelope Video - HPO 2014 season

    Come along with Jeff Jones as he takes a B&C record book antelope. Jeff enjoys this hunt of a lifetime with HPO and his dad Merlynn. Draw an Arizona antelope tag and give us a call to harvest a trophy like this. Come to Arizona and enjoy an antelope hunt with HPO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzRUopwZZes
  19. elkkillerwy

    Trade a hunt

    Looking to kill my first coues!!!
  20. AZHNTR67

    Heads Up Decoy - Antelope

    Brand New Headsup Antelope Decoy. Brought on one trip but never used. Like New Condition. Comes with the add-on bow mount. Retail with shipping approximately $110. First $60 takes it home. I live near Tatum and Jomax and work near the 101 and Chandler Blvd. Text or call me - 602-525-9988 Thank you! Todd
  21. naturegirl

    Pics of my latest outing

    I was out for a couple days and snapped some pics. I have to say it's nice when someone says "Did you see anything?" and instead of just a "yes" I can show them some of the things I saw. What you don't get to see is another 2 groups of bulls, a buck, turkeys, and a couple coyotes. The bulls all had voracious appetites as it appears they are prepping themselves for battle. I was also treated to a little symphony last night. It sounded like a young bull testing out his vocals, but it was music to my ears and a sound I really look forward to hearing each year. To all with bull tags, you are lucky Check out his left side turkey foot! I really love this picture! I really don't know what I did to deserve her sticking her "tongue" out at me! The antelope pics were taken from my camp on morning number one (there were 2). That's a nice way to start the day! Peek-A-Boo
  22. First off I just want to thank the lord for all of his help in my life and for letting me hunt his terrific creations. I drew a camp navajo pronhorn tag and to be honest I didint think it would happen. I am just wondering if there is anyone who is familiar with this hunt and can give me a few pointers? I have heard I wont get much time to scout so any tips would be awesome. It is a archery only tag and I do have a clearence for the restricted area. Thank you.
  23. Can't wait to see everyone kill photos. Good luck to everyone. Cole
  24. Here is my 2012 spot and stalk Archery Antelope from unit 1. This was probable one of the funest and hardest hunts I have ever been on. He green scored 81"
  25. Flatlander


    Just a reminder that today is the deadline for purchasing NR preference points in WY. The cost is $30, no license required. here is the link. https://gf.state.wy.us/elsapplication/ELSWelcome.aspx