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Found 92 results

  2. After a rough archery deer and elk season I was blessed with this beauty when I only had three days to hunt... not the biggest but will fill my tummy until next year! Couldn't have done it without my dad and uncle by my side and the trusty Savage. Thanks guys!
  3. I leave tomorrow for my muzzleloader coues hunt. I have a full week off! (Thanks Julie!) The hunt doesn't start until Saturday, so I have plenty of time to get set up and do some scouting. This is the first of 3 coues hunts for me this year 😊.
  4. Pixman

    Friendy coues doe

    Around five years ago I would hike in a spot and run into a doe that would just let me get super close like 20 feet away before she would move off. She would never run or got to far just move off a little ways. Its not like I snuck in on her or she was bedded, she would be up feeding and I would slowly walk right up to her In the wild. She would even pee right in front of me after seeing me walk up which I thought was very strange. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this in the wild?
  5. STOCK vs. STALK Stock: noun 1. the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a business or warehouse and available for sale or distribution. 2. a supply or quantity of something accumulated or available for future use. 3. farm animals such as cattle, pigs, and sheep, bred and kept for their meat or milk; livestock. 4. the capital raised by a business or corporation through the issue and subscription of shares. 5. liquid made by cooking bones, meat, fish, or vegetables slowly in water, used as a basis for the preparation of soup, gravy, or sauces. 6. a person's ancestry or line of descent. 7. an instrument of punishment consisting of an adjustable wooden structure with holes for securing a person's feet and hands, in which criminals were locked and exposed to public ridicule or assault. 8. the part of a rifle or other firearm to which the barrel and firing mechanism are attached, held against one's shoulder when firing the gun. verb 1. have or keep a supply of (a particular product or type or product) available for sale. 2.provide or fill with goods, items, or a supply of something. Stalk: noun 1. the main stem of a herbaceous plant. verb 1. pursue or approach stealthily.
  6. After not being able to sleep I headed out at 230 am...after a quick drive I parked just off the road and started my couple of mile trek into my honey hole in the dark.I gotta tell you sitting in the dark listening to the sounds around you is about as peaceful and reflective as it gets..after a couple of hours I broke out the 15's and got to work in nearly dark conditions..as hot as it was going to be I thought they would be hitting the beds early and they were...from about 3/4 of a mile I caught movement and saw a buck(couldn't tell how big ) move out of a draw and proceed to plunk down in the the thick and nasty..made a mental note on his spot and continued to glass for a couple more hours.I then decided to get in closer and moved along the rim to get a better visual.As I was walking I noticed a doe and a decent buck at a good distance. I quickly ranged him and decided to get closer as they were feeding. I took 2 steps and BLAM!!BLAM, BLAM!! just off to my left some guy starts rippin off shots at 700 yards.I watched the buck through my binos as he just stood there confused and walk off.the guy had no binos so I whistled to him and said he missed and it walked off. he said it was down! oh well,OK...and he was on his way to a ghost...All the while hoping his shots didn't spook the bedded buck. I made my way to some rimrock and picked out the bedding spot.After an hour or so I caught a parellel line that didn't fit.I honed in on it and it moved an ear after a couple of minutes ....the ear morphed into a buck. I adjusted my position again and ranged a rock next to him with my swarovski range binos . 580 yards. I set down my pack and got a steady rest.He was still bedded and relaxed but I had a sweet view at his vitals.I took a dry shot then loaded and let my 300 win mag rip. He was down n out.Thanks to my Cousin and forum member Jeff for telling me to get out in the dark. Sorry for the pic quality,they were selfies with my iPhone.It was dang hot and the meat was a priority.I boned it out and humped my way out.By the way all the moisture has made for tall grass which conceals the boulders which tripped me at least 2o times.lol
  7. I was recently at Sportsmans Warehouse and struck up a conversation with a fellow sportsman. I mentioned that this is a great hunting site and very informative. Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of the best hunters in Az and a past B&C scorer, Robin Bechtel. When we began talking about Coues deer he informed me that the correct pronunciation was " cows ", after Dr. Elliot Coues who first came accross them. I looked this up and he was indeed correct. Since then I always refer to them as such, " cows deer " , spelled " Coues ". Anyway, when I pronounced them as cows deer to the guy at sportsmans warehouse he sort of became irate with me and informed me that they are "Coose " deer. If in the future I speak with any members in person, I apologize now, if my pronunciation of " cows " is incorrect.
  8. Pixman

    Interesting doe on my cam

    Has anyone ever seen markings like this before?
  9. I drew a tag in Unit 27 this year after trying in units 23 and 24 numerous times but have yet to score, needless to say I need help. Any information, advice on unit 27 would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to reciprocate with info if possible, I live in Unit 10 and know the area. thanks in advance.
  10. rjhendy1

    Christmas Day Buck is Home

    I just wanted to say "Thank You " to Wild Heritage for doing such a beautiful job on my preserving the integrity of my deer. I also want to say "Thank You" to my beautiful wife for finding the buck. One more special "Thank You" to Mark and Kathy Nixon aka 125coues for helping and being a part of this special hunt.
  11. Here's a video I put together from the rut in 2013. I posted it here on CW last year but only left it up for a short time. I recently had a couple members ask if I could put this video back up and I figured what the heck. I changed it up a bit and added more of the bigger buck footage and left out a few of the smaller bucks but it's still very similar to the original. I have developed quite the passion for videoing coues in the rut over the years it's actually more of an obsession really. I'm already losing sleep thinking about next years rut and what I need to do to get better footage. There's just something about videoing rutting coues bucks that gets my blood flowing like no other. Anyways hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. As always don't forget to watch it in HD.
  12. Well I know it is about time to look for elk sheds but I wanted look for coues sheds in a spot I've been wanting to check out for a few years now. I went out this morning and was lucky enough to find three coues sheds and I found them all within 20 minutes of when I started looking. I knew they would be last year or older but just wanted to see what was in the area. I am happy since I found my biggest coues to date. So its not an official score but me and a buddy scored the shed and this is what we came up with.
  13. For the fall of 2013, I got drawn for an early unit 29 whitetail hunt and also a mule deer tag in New Mexico unit 23. During the vacation planning process some months before, I inadvertently wrote down the wrong hunt dates for the NM hunt and planned a Hawaii trip with my wife Julie and her sister, which fell between the two huntsor so I thought then. A few days before I left for the Arizona hunt, I realized my mistake. The NM hunt was actually a week earlier and at the same time as the Hawaii trip. Yikes! Luckily the trip wasnt our first time to Hawaii, it was to visit our old neighbors, and not the first time to go see them (or the last), so I exchanged my airline ticket for a future trip and told Julie and her sister to have a nice trip. Thank you Julie! What that meant now was that I had 2 full weeks off and back to back deer hunts! This marks the first time I have ever been able to dedicate the full time for a hunt and now I have 2 full hunts to go on. Awesome for sure. Back to the grocery store I went to stock up, after expanding my menus and beverage lists. Julie and I recently bought a new 5th wheel toyhauler-its our retirement home, as we plan on traveling the country when the time comes. The original hunt plan was to just take it on the NM hunt and tent camp on the Az hunt, but that all changed with the trip to Hawaii off of my plate. So I loaded all my clothes, food and hunting gear and the Ranger into the trailer and off I went to live in it for 2 full weeks! By the time Jorge, my hunt partner, showed up later on Thursday, I had camp already set-up. We were right next to Pinery Canyon Road, just past the Forest Boundary. Before Jorge got there, I heard a quad coming down the road, so I looked to see who it was and saw them kick up a nice 4x4 coues, which apparently was right by the trailer! Wow, right there! Maybe I can just hunt from camp tomorrow, I thought. Naah, thatll never work. The 1st day neither of us even saw a deer. No worry, this has happened before. The 2nd day, the morning was going by fast without seeing anything again. I was giving my eyes a rest from glassing and just looking around, when I saw something had showed up in a little clearing down the canyon from me. I glassed it up, it was a coyote laying on its belly, just looking around. I ranged it to 172 yds, got my varmint call out and set-up my rifle on it. When I let out a series of rabbit distress sounds, he snapped his head to look at me, then when he got up and took a step in my direction I blasted it! Fawn killer down! Turned out to be a male dog. I went back to glassing for deer and after a while I glassed up a real nice buck about 700 yds away in a canyon beyond a ridge that was between me and it. I studied him and the area so I could grab my range finder and not lose him. I grabbed the range finder and.lost him! I spent about 15 minutes looking, but couldnt find him again. Finally I radioed Jorge, who was further around the side of the hill I was on, about the buck and where it was when I saw it. Several minutes of silence went by as we were glassing, then BOOM. Jorge radios back, I think I found him, ha ha ha. Jorge later went on to say that he was glassing, looking for the buck I mentioned, heard a noise, dropped the glasses from his eyes and sees this buck running right at him! He didnt have time to aim, just pointed the gun and shot itat 20 feet! So yes, we figured for whatever reason, this buck got spooked out of that canyon and ran right at Jorge, in fact was about to run him over. It was a nice 3x3, but unfortunately the shot hit him in the eye and not only emptied its head, but destroyed the skull plate as well. Too bad, as it was Jorges best buck ever. The 3rd day we were both glassing one of our favorite and most productive areas. Not one deer was seen all morning, so when Jorge radioed me that it was time for lunch after 11 oclock, I didnt argue. I stood up and began repacking my gear into my pack, my back now turned to where I had been glassing. On the other side of the hill I was on is a large meadow, over near where the Ranger was parked. I happened to look down the hill and saw a deer walking across the meadow. Theres a deer I thought as I grabbed my binos and brought them up for a look. Its a buck I said to myself. As I was grabbing my rifle, range finder and binos, I noticed it started moving faster, so I started hurrying over to the side of the hill I was on to get closer. By now the deer had flagged its tail and was in a full run, and I ran too, wondering if the deer was running from me. I only had time to kneel and aim at the deer, guessing it was under 300 yards. As I did this, I thought I shouldnt be doing this, but I did anyway. As soon as I got the cross hairs on him, I fired. I looked over the scope in time to see him kind of kick-up in his gait, just before he disappeared off the meadow edge and into the next draw. I thought I think I hit him-hope it was a good hit and he doesnt get away. Then Jorge radioed me Another coyote? he asked. I replied, no, a buck and hes like A BUCK? No way. Way I said. About that time I see Jorge at the far end of the meadow, near where the buck had come from. Apparently Jorge had spooked the buck out from below me as he was making his way towards the Ranger. I think that buck was bedded below me all morning. Jorge asked me where it had gone, and from my vantage point on the hill top, I directed him to where the deer went over the edge. A couple of minutes later, Jorge radios me YOU GOT HIM!, a 2x3 piled up just off the hill. I ranged down to where I hit the deer, it was 250 yards. So I packed up my stuff and headed down there. As luck would have it, I hit that deer in the perfect spot. He was quartering away from me as it ran, and I hit him inbetween the ribs, the 130 grain .270WSM Nozler Accubond bullet traveled through his vitals and came to rest against the hide in his lower neck on the opposite side. Hes a small 2x3 with weird eye guards. One pointing inwards, the other forwards. High fives! This was the first time ever that we both got a deer on the same hunt. Two filled tags! Back at camp, we had him hanging and was carving him up, when I saw some movement on the road next to us (Pinery Canyon Rd). It was two Hispanic guys, each with huge back packs on, walking West towards the highway. Neither was carrying anything in their hands and the back packs were plain looking with nothing clipped or strapped on them.drug runners!
  14. Sorry guy I posted this under the rifle section and should have posted it here. Anyways here are some pictures and a video of John Han first buck. John came to us this past year and said he wanted to learn to hunt and kill a deer. We hunted hard for a few day and came up with this up on the last day we could hunt. Cole
  15. Coues assassin

    How you bow hunt coues

    I have killed a few cow elk and some javelina in hopes of chasing a big coues with my bow in the rut, and eventually a big bull elk. I consider myself to be a pretty good shot, I just recently bought a PSE Omen max and love it I'm ready to hunt. Now my question is how do most of you guys hunt these ghosts in the rut? Spot and stalk? Sit water? Call them in with rattling horns? I'm assuming majority of you spot and stalk, if so what would be a typical range you shoot? Thanks in advance this website is truly very helpful
  16. Day One: Almost immediately we noticed that this hunt was going to be considerably different then my wife, son and daughter’s November hunt. As the sun came up, unlike the Nov hunt, we saw little to no activity in the flat. We started to glass up higher up the slope and picked up does already bedding. We glassed for a couple of hours and decided that they were going to most likely stay bedded until late afternoon. I decided to head to the top of the main ridge and see what I could see from up top. I got of my quad, grabbed my gear and stepped off the road to set up to glass. Immediately got busted by something. Something snorted. I pulled up by binos and noticed a nice 3x3 rounding a juniper and disappearing. Ok, suspicion confirmed. That afternoon, we headed back down to a high bowl and started glassing. Around 5 p.m. we see a buck in the bowl at 200 yards. As it moved to within 170 yards, we noticed it was an odd looking 3x3. 2” G1s angled inward almost touching. The G2s or G3s were facing backwards making it seem like he had double main beams. We tried to get his dad to set up for a shot on this buck, but was unable too before he spooked and ran off. Day two we headed back to that bowl for the morning. Again we noticed more activity up higher. Saw several does and a few small bucks bedding and milling around up high. We went and grabbed a bite to eat and decided to go back to the top of the ridge and glass where that buck from the prior evening ran. Another set of hunters beat us to the ridge and we were not able. We decided to take the ridge road along the ridge south of the draw the yesterday’s buck ran into. We set up started glassing and soon spotted a nice mature 2x2 standing under a juniper 400 yards away. Again we tried to get my friends dad on this buck, but he was not able to see him. I set up for the shot. The buck moved down the slope to 366 yds and I took the shot. I hear my friend chucky say “You missed over his back!!!” The buck disappears in a little draw. We regrouped and started glassing again. I went to the other side of the ridge and started to glass again. Within 30 minutes, I busted a small 2x2 buck bedded below me. He ran out to 98 yards and stopped. He was too small and I watched him snort and stomp off up the draw. I crossed back over to the side where I missed the buck earlier and shortly, the ole man says, “Chucky, I got a doe under a bush”. We go over to look at this doe and realized that is not a doe. It was a really nice, wide, thin racked buck. I good shooter at 401 yards. We set up for the shot, but before we are ready, he steps under a juniper and stays put until after dark. Day three: We head back up to where we put this buck to sleep. We both agreed that today felt like a good day. Maybe we both will kill today. I decide to start glassing the draw where I jumped that little buck while Chucky started glassing where we bedded the buck last night. Shortly I notice several does feeding up the ridge. A few hundred yards behind them game a small 2x2 and spike. I watched the bucks for about 45 minutes or so. Then I get a text. “I got your buck over here”. I replied, “How far?”, “250 yards” he says. “I’m on my way”, I replied. I get to where Chucky is at and sure enough it is my missed buck from the night before, and he was less than 40 yards from where he was standing when I missed him. I range him at 255 yards. I set up for the shot and fire. He did a 180 and started walking back into that draw again, but I knew I hit him. I reloaded, put the crosshairs shoulder high and waited for him to clear the scrub oak. My 7 REM MAG barked, the 168 Berger VLD with 65.3 grains of IMR 7828 finds it mark again and this beautiful buck drops where he stood. What a year of deer hunting. Six days hunting: Three days hunting during my wife, son and daughter’s hunt and three days during my late hunt producing 4 nice Coues. My wife’s: 54lb 2x2, Son’s: 71 lbs 1x2, Daughter’s: 64lb 2x2 and My 91lb 2x2. Now I have to come up with a unique way to mount all four heads (European mount style).
  17. Congratulations Diego and Jake! Great bucks boys!
  18. After not being drawn for deer, I picked up a leftover tag. I haven't had much time to write a story but here is a quick overview. We hunted the week hard, glassing up 20 bucks and countless does. I ended up missing a big buck on Sunday, but I can blame no body but myself. I ended up shooting right over his back, I would not like to go into details due to the fact it is still painful but it was a calculation error on my part. Buck fever right?? On the 2nd to the last day, I shot this guy. Nice little basket buck which will make some pretty tasty tamales. Another year in the sticks with my family is priceless. We are getting ready for a late rifle bull hunt this week. Good luck to all of the elk hunters out there!
  19. After not being drawn, a group of us picked up leftover tags. We all planned on hunting Friday thru Monday morning. On Saturday we were all able to help a good buddy's 10-year old son get his first buck. We continued hunting hard but Monday morning rolled around and my tag was still unfilled. We decided to go back to where we were opening day since we had seen a good number of bucks and felt that the area should hold some bigger bucks. After the long hike up the mountain we were in our glassing spot waiting for it to get light enough to glass. I was quickly able to find a buck feeding on a ridge around 1000 yards away. I could tell it was a 3 point but in the low light couldn't tell much about it. It joined a couple other smaller bucks that we had seen opening day and as it got lighter the buck looked pretty good. We decided to move closer to get in position to shoot. We moved to a small ridge closer to the buck and found him quickly. He was still feeding but acted like he was looking for a place to bed. The range was 500 yards, I adjusted the turret and once the buck presented a shot I squeezed the trigger and heard my brother say he's down. Here's some photos. I was shooting my new 300 Win Mag with Noslers new 210 grn Long Range Accubond. The bullet liked being pushed hard with my best groups at a muzzle velocity of 2860 fps. At 500 yards the velocity should have been around 2250 fps. The buck was quartered to me, I hit him right behind the shoulder, the bullet broke a few ribs, traveled about 2 ft through the bucks body and stopped just inside the hide of his opposite hind quarter. Below is a pic of the recovered bullet. Good looking mushroom with the solid base holding the bullet together. Weight of the bullet is 103 grn so approximately 50% weight retention.
  20. Can anyone offer any advice as a general starting point in Unit 31 archery in Dec. I am not looking for nayones honey holes or anything, just general rds. I will be coming from Mesa and was going to stay on the North side of the mountain closer to Safford. I have heard good things about Klondike Rd, but also have heard that it gets over crowded. Don't mind hiking into an area. Just started hunting last year and have hunted Unit 22 a little and a little in 24. Thanks in advance for any help or pointers.
  21. I'm on my first rifle deer hunt for coues and I'm looking for a little advice. If you guys are kind enough to help I really appreciate it, since I am new to this. If you feel like I am stepping on toes and asking for too much info, i guess I can understand that too. But what I want to know is do you prefer to hunt and glass from the road or do you like to hike or pack in away from the road and crowds? Also, if you find a group of does but can't find any bucks do you stay on the doe and just wait it out until a buck shows up or do you move to a new spot in search of bucks? I hunted Friday moring through Sunday night and spotted groups of does from 300-1000 yards plus. However we could only spot one button buck and a little forky. This glassing has been from or close to the road and I am really thinking about hiking in a mile or two off the roads. I feel like this would be better for seeing bucks but I am hesitant to leave the does that are closer to the road. What do you guys do and what do you recommend? Thanks for any help you guys can provide, I'm just a rookie looking for some help!
  22. Coach

    Matt's Youth Coues

    Hey guys, my oldest son Matt and I got back from a fun youth hunt on Monday night. Matt was able to take a nice 3x3 on the last morning of our hunt. We got out there Wednesday night hoping to scout all day Thursday, but it started raining hard around midnight and didn't stop until around 10 on Thursday. Once it was dry enough to drive on the soupy roads we headed out to a spot we had found on the map that looked promising. We found a few tracks, but overall it seemed a little sparse for sign. Then on the way out we found a really good set of sheds. This got us a little more exited about the area for sure. We did a little more scouting that evening and found a way to glass that area from the bottom, did a little shooting at coyotes (missed 3 times due to not having the range finder handy) but we knew where we wanted to be opening morning. Friday morning we headed in and I dropped Matt off about a mile before the glassing spot so he could hunt some of the other ridges while I glassed the canyon we figured the big guy to be in. At about 7 I found a decent 3x3, then another almost identical to him, and finally through a gap in the brush I found a good looking buck bedded right in the open on the hillside. I got on the radio and told Matt to head on over. When I got back to the glass, the bedded buck was gone. A little more glassing and I found him moving down the hill in the sunlight and got a good look at him, and he was a dandy - maybe the same buck we had found the sheds from. I watched him drop out of sight behind a little knob. When Matt got there we located the smaller 3x3 and a little forkie I hadn't seen earlier. The shot was a little long, and he really wanted to wait out the bigger buck. Finally Matt got to see the big buck move out from behind the knob as he was heading to a bedding area. There was no time for a shot, and it was out of reach anyway - about 650 yards, so we made a plan to get closer for the later part of the hunt. On the way out we found another coyote, and Matt nailed him this time. We tried to get back on that buck Friday at noon but ended up on the wrong ridge, then at evening got on the right ridge, but the sun was right in our face and we really couldn't see anything. Saturday morning we were back to the same spot, but didn't find a single deer on that hill. The wind started up right at first light and just got worse as the morning progressed. We headed to Snowflake to coach my youngest son's football game and didn't get back to camp until dark. Sunday morning we were back to the same spot at first light and picked up a doe, but nothing else seemed to be moving. I was starting to get a little discouraged thinking we had maybe pushed the bucks out of this spot and was about to suggest we go look for a new area when Matt motioned to me that he had found two bucks. This kid can sure glass. One of the bucks was a small 3x3 and the other a heavy 2x2. After a little discussion, we figured that there was a good chance the big buck would start moving, so he elected to pass on those two. They moved into the same bedding area the bigger buck had gone Friday morning and we didn't see anything else the rest of the morning. In the evening we headed out to a new area just to explore in hopes of lucking into something. We didn't find any deer, but found this really cool gopher snake crossing the road. Monday morning it was the last shot we had, as we had to head home in the afternoon. We went back to our spot even earlier and started glassing. Matt was kind of kicking himself for passing the small 3x3 the day before, but we were still optomistic. Right away we found a couple of does, but no bucks. We moved our position a little to get an angle where we could see more of the hill. Matt found a small forkie moving in some thick stuff, but we could only get glmpses of him through a big cedar tree. I got up and started glassing the upper portions of the canyon to see if there was anything behind us, and as I panned back down there was a nice 3x3 feeding down the hill directly across from where we had been glassing - he was just 200 yards away and right out in the open - almost exactly where the big buck was on Friday morning. I showed him to Matt, and he said, "I'm shooting him". We got set up for the shot and had to wait for him to come out from behind a big cedar tree. As soon as he stepped out, he was quartering to us slightly but broadside enough for a clean shot. Matt made a perfect shot and I watched the buck hunch up, then run behind the closest tree. Turned out to be a very big and very short blood trail, as it was a heart shot. It wasn't the big guy we had hunted for 4 days, but Matt couldn't have been happier. Matt packing him out. A big thanks goes out to the CWT members that were willing to share some info to get us started in an area that was new to us. You guys responed via PM, so I'll keep your identity private, but I really appreciate your willingness to share information and get us pointed in the right direction.
  23. Here is a video from our hunt last December, I finally finished putting it together, hope you guys enjoy! Click the link below, then click on 2012 Coues Whitetail. http://www.youtube.com/user/19gaps/videos
  24. Coues Stew

    A little of everything

    Intended for this to be a new elk spot but wouldnt you know!