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Found 180 results

  1. I am posting this for my brother. He has owned it for the past 3 years. Only used during Hunting season. Has been stored in scottsdale in covered storage. Storage costs are killing him there. I dont know jack about travel trailers. This one is pretty nice though. It is at my office in downtown Phx if anyone wants to look at it. He wants $7450.00
  2. wildwoody

    pig in 22

    Alright I'm asking. Got some pig tags and I need a honey hole ya I said it honey hole. I given plenty of mine out here on this sight to my follow brothers. One time deal , because I hate hunting pigs. If you got some info maybe we can trade for one of my turkey spots or something. Just want to blow one in half with my 460sw hunter. Well no I wait. Thanks for your time
  3. wildwoody

    magna porting

    Hopefully I,m saying it right. Does any one no of somebody how does this. Thx fellow slayers
  4. Just got this picture from my future son-inlaw. If you have'nt heard of this Buck, his name is " Buck Norris " I googled it and he's real. Lives in town in Bend Oregon. A few great videos of him on Youtube. Wow ! Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and good luck in the Elk/ Antelope draws.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has seen the speech by Judge Jeanine at the NRA convention. If not, it is on Youtube. She is a true American. She tells it like it is.
  6. muley224

    online apps

    Any hear on when the online apps open up ?
  7. matt

    quad for sale

    Up for sale is a 2006 arctic cat 500. It's 4wd and has very low hours. 500 cc automatic transmission with high/low/neutral/reverse. Also has brand new battery and tires. $2750 obo. Please text or email question as I don't check this every day. 602-989-0670 or mattsbegley@gmail.com.
  8. I recently picked up a new muzzle loader and am looking for a 3-9 scope to put on it. I know they aren't expensive per say but figured I would see what the fellow members had laying around before I went and bought a new one. I am in Tucson and willing to pay shipping as well.
  9. muley224

    Wanted: Euro Elk mount

    Looking for a decent elk european mount. 5 by or 6 by preforably. Thanks.
  10. AKC Labrador pups. Chocolate and Yellow. Males and females available. Parents love to HUNT and FETCH. Both parents are on site! Long line of OFA (hip certification) and Champions. Grandfather is a champion out of Texas. Pups go home with 1st shots, dew claws removed, AKC paperwork, shot records and puppy kits (toys, food, info). Pups ready to go home OCT 16th. Taking deposits to reserve. Please Call 520-560-4722 $650.
  11. I was recently at Sportsmans Warehouse and struck up a conversation with a fellow sportsman. I mentioned that this is a great hunting site and very informative. Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of the best hunters in Az and a past B&C scorer, Robin Bechtel. When we began talking about Coues deer he informed me that the correct pronunciation was " cows ", after Dr. Elliot Coues who first came accross them. I looked this up and he was indeed correct. Since then I always refer to them as such, " cows deer " , spelled " Coues ". Anyway, when I pronounced them as cows deer to the guy at sportsmans warehouse he sort of became irate with me and informed me that they are "Coose " deer. If in the future I speak with any members in person, I apologize now, if my pronunciation of " cows " is incorrect.
  12. Lookin4amonster

    First Archery Bull with a Little Luck (7E)

    I have been hunting archery elk for 10+ years and never had the privilege of harvesting an animal, and the odds of this being my year were stacked against me early. I found out in the spring, right after applying for the draw, that a good friend of mine would be getting married the Saturday of opening weekend in Lake Tahoe, and it was the first time I found myself actively rooting against drawing a tag. About a month later, I saw that my CC had been hit for elk & the strategizing commenced. I decided that I would hunt opening day, fly out to Tahoe for the weekend, work the following week & then come up the 2nd weekend for 3-4 days. Regardless, I would have only about 5 days total to hunt. In addition, my dad also drew a tag, so I was hoping to help him along the way as well. We all got up to camp the Wednesday before opening day, and put in all the effort to scout and have a good gameplan going into the hunt. Friday morning came along & we were headed to a honey-hole of ours where we had seen big bulls in the past. We decided to stop along the way to listen for bugles at another favorite spot, when 4-5 bulls were sounding off. We chose to hunt this location for the morning. As the bulls were bugling we worked really hard to get out in front of them. At about 7:00am, we got in close enough to start closing the distance on the bull that sounded the best. My dad circled left, I circled right. About 5 minutes after separating, I heard some crashing and hooves moving rocks. I looked left and saw elk-after-elk running through this opening, and toward a meadow roughly 100yds in front of me. I tried to hurry up but before I knew it, this monster bull was running through the clearing with about 10 cows right behind him. This was one of those bulls that you didn't have to score in your head, you just say "holy sh**" to yourself as you first see him. As they all ran through, I heard another bugle coming from up the hill and I looked to see another satellite bull following the same path these elk just went through. He was just slowly feeding & working his way down the hill. I got setup & started running through some scenarios in my head: "If he steps in front of this bush, he's about 35 yards, the next bush is 50, and if he goes behind the same bush it's about 60." Well, of course, he goes behind the furthest bush & I draw back. There's a pretty large opening where he's about to step out, so I'm not worried about any obstacles in my way. He starts feeding out into the clearing, but it doesn't look like he's going to stop, so I mewed real lightly to get his attention. I put my 50yd pin about 6" over his back & let it rip. My lumenok was really visible because it was still pretty early & the sun wasn't fully up, and this arrow was on a perfect line! Then halfway there, the bull jumps the shot & begins to take off, my only thought at this point was "miss cleanly!".. next thing I know, it sticks him right in the ham! I'm devastated. I get my brother & dad to come over. Tell them the story & I begin to track my bull to follow up the shot while they continue to pursue the big bull that had just passed through/was still bugling. I walk the first 100 yards in the direction my bull was heading without seeing a drop of blood, a single track, or even a freshly turned rock. I started sweeping the area all over for any type of sign, nothing! Right when I was about to start walking into the thick area the bull had run into, I see 3 hunters walk out about 100 yards away. They see me & walk over. "Did you just shoot a bull?" "Yeah, I hit one in the a$$" "Dude, you got him!" I told them I hadn't seen a drop of blood & they told me that once I got into the tree line, it was hard NOT to see blood. My belief is that I barely missed the femoral artery on the shot, and as he was running away & started clipping trees, the blade moved enough to knick it & he bled out like crazy. It looked like someone was taking a paint brush & just throwing paint everywhere. I was extremely lucky to have harvested this bull on opening day, but as I've always said, "better lucky than good". I want to thank my dad, brother, uncle sam & those 3 hunters for all your help (one, or all, of which might be on this site)! I'm very pleased with this bull & the meat's already in the freezer!
  13. I have for sale a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 that I am listing for my Grandmother. She no longer tows this with her motor home and is looking for it to go to a good home. I figured I would give the CW community first shot before I list it on craigslist. Along with the vehicle there is also a Road Master tow bar and Road Master Even Braking system that she would like to sell everything together. It has been meticulously cared for the last 16 years and was used but by no means abused. There are two almost new tires and the other two are in good shape along with a very recent diff service. 3" lift kit was professionally installed many years ago. Comes with a spare as well. All maint has been done regularly and nothing has had to be rebuilt. I did notice what seams to be a very light weep around the tranny and the electric locks don't always seem to go all the way down on the drivers door. Other that than I couldn't find anything else wrong. She is asking $4200 for the vehicle and towing equipment. I know that she paid a couple thousand dollars for the tow bar and braking system. It is a great deal. Please PM with any questions or if you would like to see or drive. Located in Tucson, AZ.
  14. muley224

    Unit 9 Oct Turkey Hunt

    A good friend of mine has a unit 9 Turkey tag. Wants me to go along and help. I dont really know any Turkey spots up there. Can anyone give me a good statrting point ? Dont want anyones " Honey Holes ", just some general info. Thanks.
  15. southernxpress

    Fun long range bull hunt (Video)

    Well we finished the hunt a week ago this morning and it was just a super fun hunt! The bull we got was just the icing on the cake. We saw bulls just about every time we went out and many times they were being pushed because of so many tags given out for that hunt, but whatever. As we were nearing the end of my extra help on the hunt I decided to take the bull that I got since I knew that after that day I would have to do all of the packing myself. Here is just a fun no so serious video of when it all went down.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEdL1leglGg Hope you Enjoy!
  16. wildwoody

    rattle snake tanning

    i was wondering if any of you nice brothers of the woods may have a good technique on tanning a rattle snake skin. killed a 3 foot 12 button timber rattler in back yard last night already skinned it, in fridge now. thanks for the help
  17. wildwoody

    anyone hit for a sheep tag

    anyone get a $300.00 hit yet or $287.00 which ever it is
  18. wildwoody

    ANY HITS!!!

    any one got there credit cards hit yet?
  19. I have for sale a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Laredo V8 4x4, it has been a great hunting rig, recently took it on a 7 day hunt on the San Carlos reservation. This thing can go ANYWHERE and crawl up anything! Some extras... -after market front bumper - after market exhaust - BFGoodrich mud terrain tires w/spare - after market grill, - after market head and tail lights - cd player aux/usb connection -roof rack - Set of 6 tires off old set, ranging from 75% tread to 50% tread - rough suspension system lift kit Has 177,xxx miles, clean title in hand, no leaks, just had new motor mounts and transmission fluid flushed. This jeep has its dings and scratches but no major problems, selling it because I have a boy due in october so the toy has to go! $5000 takes it. Open to trades like bumper pull travel trailer, horse trailer, welder/generator call or text 520-260-7591
  20. LJSIII

    Pop up trailer for sale

    I have my 87 Rockwood XL for sale. It has been a great trailer but I recently upgraded and its time to go. It has new tires (including a spare), I have repacked the bearings 3 months ago, new crank up roof vent, new seals, 12 coats of rubberized roof coating to protect the fiberglass roof and help make it cooler, new propane tank, surge brakes (recently serviced). Original propane cook top in excellent condition. 12ft box with two king size beds. One of the larger pop ups ever made and still quite comfortable. 2" coupler and easily tow-able by a small suv. $1,900 OBO. All lights work and it is wired with a flat 4 pin connector. Would consider a trade for a quality generator.
  21. Meade Schmidt Cassegrain f/10 lens. D=102mm F= 1000mm. Coated optics. Comes with 2 eyepieces, MeadeMA40mm and Spectrum l 25mm. Bausch and Lomb 22-3030 Telephoto adapter. Adapter ring for Olympus Camera plus 1 other Adapter. Have Reciept from original purchase. Excellent condition. Great for long range wildlife photography. $65.00 ss.bmp ss1.bmp ss2.bmp untitled.bmp
  22. muley224

    Playing God

    Right or Wrong ? Heres a photo of a high fence, steroid filled, genetically altered Whitetail. Some of you may have known of him. He was known as "Sudden Impact". I believe that he finally passed away from the immense weight on his head. I think that anyone who mutates an animal like this should suffer the same fate. Any thoughts ? untitled.bmp
  23. bugleaz6x6

    175lb PSE Sidewinder Crossbow

    175lb PSE Sidewinder Crossbow with 12 bolts, sling, red dot scope, bi-pod and tarantula case. Like new condition, with only a dozen shots fired. Ready for your big game hunt or just backyard fun. Very fast and accurate. Get it now to be ready for the fall hunts!
  24. wildwoody

    blind by road in 23

    I was in 23 this weekend turkey hunting, tagged out by the way. I found a brand new blind and 2 chairs in it , all equipment was new , the blind was located about 40yrds of the rd. i don't get it , i have many tree stands and blinds stolen that were way back in the middle of nowhere, i left it alone because someone steals from me dosen't mean i should steal from somebody else. but i can't believe someone would leave $300 worth of stuff in the wide open. and we never seen any hunters, i'm shore its been there for more then 72 hrs. what kind of bozo would do this.