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Found 13 results

  1. I have up to 5 coues deer tags available for DIY hunters on a large ranch near Hermosillo for January 2024. Easy access to and from the ranch with pretty good roads throughout. Has a great house with nice kitchen and beds, very comfortable. Could be hunted archery or rifle. 100 inch+ bucks are on the ranch but there are no size restrictions or trophy fees. Could sit water, glass, still hunt or use any hunting method you prefer. Could arrange for a Mexican cook or helper. Could also hunt javelina, coyote, dove, or quail. This is a non-guided hunt only. I have many years of experience hunting in Mexico and will provide all of the necessary paperwork for guns, tags, and border crossing etc. This would be a great opportunity for someone that has never been hunting in Mexico, but has the desire to do so, to come and learn the process. I have many pictures of the ranch and house and would be happy to share and discuss with any interested parties. My preferred method of contact is to call or text. Tag price is $2,750 per tag and $350 per gun permit with up to two guns per permit. Thank you, Tim Maddock 928-533-8807
  2. This seems pretty stupid thing to do. I think the hunters where lucky to get just a 300 slap on the wrist. Pretty sure they could of been charged with smuggling goods which is 5 years and 10 grand. Also guess cbp could seize their trucks. Reading the links show they tried hiding the hides in their truck.
  3. wildwoody

    2019 Mexico hunt

    Well here's the story, ill keep it short with pics. Went down this year for the first time, what a great experience. I met a couple great guys here on CWT that were looking for a few guys to hunt a ranch in Sonora Mexico, we talked and sounded like a great experience. So paper work and gun permits followed. . The time had come to go on the hunt, 1/05/19 -1/21/19. We met at Chad's place at 5am ( my friend Cecil and I ) loaded up and met the rest of the group, 8 in all The trip down was good, a little slow at the border checking on the Mexico side for the guns and had to unload extra Suzuki vehicles and drive thru check point and re load. Great from there , 60 miles down and then 2 hrs on dirt rd. back to the north to the ranch. Arrived about 3pm and met the ranchers and hands, if I could spell there names I would but I don't want to disrespect them by butchering there names. Great people for sure. That evening Jayson and Chad showed us the lay if the land. I thought it looked like the Matazal's foot hills and all. I knew I'd be right at home. The food was so good, lodging was super, hot water heat, clean was awesome . Started early Sunday morning after a great breakfast by momma . Then it was of to the hill, rained quite a bit that morning, saw some great bucks but it was the first day, dumb move, my buddy had a chance at a dandy but passed. He should of shot, he ended up with a 1x2 second to the last day. First buck he was stoked, a had 10 opportunities thru out the week at some big ones. He's learning how to shoot folded in half, steep stuff. So the week went on with some great bucks shoot. By the time I knew it was Friday and we just got Cecil done. . Saturday was it , I had to find something decent. Jayson and Chad and rancher Lupe went on a journey. I almost got a shoot at one I had been chasing but safety was on and he was gone. We moved further up the foot hills and started glassing, let me tell you those Swarovski BTX are crazy. Chad found lots of good bucks but they wouldn't stay still long enough to get a shot. Yes they were rutting hard. Then he found one a mile + away. We made a plan and went for it. After 1 hr hike we were within 700 yds.. Set up and found his does, then a great buck ran up to us at 20yrds, tried to get a shot, not easy with a 25x scope on a running buck that close, he never took his nose of the ground. Anyway my buck stud up and the shooting started, after 4 shoots with the 6.5 Creedmoor I went to Chad's 300rum, 2 more misses. Ranged again , my Zeiss range finder was still saying 655 yrds I was dead on left to right just couldn't tell if I was just high barely going under him. We broke out a Swarovski range finder , the same. Then a Vortex Jayson had, it said 705yrds, dialed it up and bam, he's on the ground doing the right stuff. . took the long walk over and found blood and guts but no deer, Chad said he thought he saw a buck get up and walk down into the thicker brush. Ray the cowboy came over and his dog jumped him up and he went around the corner, they found him days after we left. I put a bounty on him for incentive. It worked. They found him 60yrds from where I shoot him , shoot was a couple inches back. Ended up meeting Carlos at the border a few days later and collected my buck. I was shocked he was bigger then I thought. A big thankyou to Chad and Jayson two great guys , can't wait until next year. Here are some pictures from pick up to the wall. There's one picture of him with a 95" buck. One picture with his new friend's, and one of the biggest buck taken by Jim., congrats on a stud
  4. Got it done down south on a 115 with serious mass at 350 yards and my brother smoked a 120 inch with double main beam at 600 yards. Be back next year.
  5. Every year I do one trip with some old friends to hunt whitetail in Sonora. This year was especially good since I harvested probably the second largest Coues deer I have ever gotten. My friend also got a huge deer that unfortunately had one whole side knocked off due to fighting. I grew up in Sonora and hunting Coues was a large part of my childhood. My dad thought me the ins and outs of these animals and every year they still amaze me with something I had never seen before. This year the level of rut activity was off the charts. Broken antlers, deer oblivious to our presence or gun shots, scrapes and rubs everywhere, etc. The first photo is the buck I got. It would have been a nice typical 10 point, but the back point was broken off probably during a fight. I got him just about 100 yards from the road. I usually don’t like taking running shots but I took the split second decision to take a shot while he was darting between some mesquites and ocotillos. After I got off the truck, I had probably a 6 feet clearing between some ocotillos and some dense mesquites. Took the shot and the deer turned from broadside to a straight run. Luckily the bullet went in middle of the ribs and exited through the neck. It was only 7:30am and one of my friends still hadn’t taken a shot at one, so we decided to go on search of another buck. After a few hours of hiking we got to an area we knew would probably be fruitful. We spotted a buck following a doe on the same hillside we were hiking. After three shots, my buddy had downed that buck. He was hypnotized with the doe he was following and did not even flinch when my friend narrowly missed on the first two shots. By 11:00am he had his buck and we were on our way back to the truck. Not a bad Sunday morning!!! The second photo is the buck my friend got along with the same one from the first photo. It has awesome mass and the deer itself was huge; unfortunately it had almost a whole side of antlers broken. It had hoofs as large as many mule deer I have seen! The third picture is an old one of my old man with the best buck he ever got in 50 plus years of hunting down there. I believe it was between 2008 and 2010. We haven't scored it yet, but given that it is a typical 10 point buck, it will do pretty well.
  6. I remember when I was younger seeing a picture of somebody with a full albino Javelina and thinking that would be the neatest and rarest trophy to get. I've had a serious addiction to hunting these stinky critters ever since killing my first one at age 15 and I think with the exception of 2 or 3 years, I've killed one in AZ every year since. Spending as much time in MX as I do enables me to hunt them even more every year and it's awesome to see how much the locals appreciate it when I bring them a fresh killed pig, plus it's awesome that I don't have to butcher em'! With all the years I've spent hunting the desert and all the countless pigs I've seen I've never seen a full albino and can't think of any friends that have either. I've seen several that were light colored or had white spots but never a full albino, so you can imagine my excitement a few days ago when I saw this freak! I was on an early hunt with a friend in Mexico this past week. The weather sucked, it was very hot and the deer activity was very low unless you were on water. We never saw any rut action and all the Muleys and Coues were still in bachelor groups. I had hoped for more pre-rut action at least but that wasn't the case on the desert ranches we hunted. We did see several great bucks of both specie but nothing worthy of shooting this early. On one day at straight up noon we spotted a group of pigs and immediately noticed the bright white one!!! Luckily, my buddy with the rifle knew of my admiration for Javi's and saw my excitement! He handed me his rifle and without hesitation I slammed a perfect shot through the trophy of a lifetime, well...at least a trophy of a lifetime for a Javi lover such as myself! LOL! I'll throw a pic in here to illustrate how crazy white this dude is compared to normal pigs! The pictures aren't the best because of the harsh mid day light and he's actually whiter than the pics appear! He has pink eyes, was a good sized boar and appeared to be in perfect health. I didn't have time to freeze the cape long enough prior to heading home so I had to leave him in MX but I'll bring him back on my next trip! I skinned him for a full lifesize and I cannot wait to get that done!!!! I've never interrupted a hunt before to shoot something for myself and I felt bad about it but luckily my friend was understanding and awesome by giving me his rifle and a half hour of his hunt to achieve a dream I never thought was possible! Thanks, I'll never forget it mi amigo!!!

    Poppin' Jalapeno's!

    Here's another short video from my recent trip. Here's a link to that initial thread: http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/55562-knockin-out-the-bucket-list/ So basically, while waiting in the stand hoping for a big buck to show up I kept having these pigs come in and stick around which I figured made the deer uneasy. I didn't want to disturb everything by shooting the pigs but after watching some does come in and then run off because of them I figured it didn't matter! I had the camera sitting in my lap so it's not the best video but it is cool watching the lighted nocks fly!
  8. written by 280REM's son: I got a Covert Mp6 trail cam for Christmas and set it up on a ranch in Mexico. pic 1: 2 mountain lions that came in pic 2 : droptine buck drop off of right main beam I guess 5" pic 3: coati mundi pic 4: a bat this bat likes to fly by at night and get water, good trigger speed! pic 5: a nice 3x3 pic 6: elegant quail probably the prettiest quail species that I have seen pic 7: skunk I got like 6 skunks that like to take selfies with my camera, at least it didn't get sprayed pic 8: porcupine? is definitely bigger than the skunks, and has a different color give me your opinion!!! will help if you want I can post more pics of the porcupine and skunks to compare but I don't know how to post pics without starting a new thread I love this camera, I am 14 yrs old and I think it is a great investment time stamps are off
  9. sorry if this is in the wrong place but.... My son went down to the El Tule Ranch with Ernesto and Francisco Denogean of Trophy of Sonora and he glassed up this special javelina. He took the photo through his Leupold spotter with a digital camera. hope you enjoy!!! 2nd photo :the only thing that isn't white on his body is his butt, for what??? I think you can make pretty good guess. just for comparison, on the 3rd photo you can see a normal javelina to the left of the date stamp. you could see the whitey from 800 yards away with just your bare eye. probably one of the coolest things he has seen
  10. Couestracker

    1st ever archery success!

    I went down to Mexico with my friend Mike to help another guy (Bill) hunt coues and to pick up Mikes deer cape and antlers from his Jan 1st hunt. I took my bow with me hoping Id get a chance to hunt javelina. Sunday night Bill went to another ranch to hunt for a few days, so on Monday, Mike, one of the ranch cowboys (Guiermo) and I went out to glass for javelina. We spotted a herd on a distant hillside. After closing the ½ mile gap, I stalked up to one at 20 yds. It started to run, but I woofed and it stopped for the shot. It ran 20 yds and expired. She was a 41 lb sow....my first archery kill! We spent more time glassing, saw lots of coues and one day saw 3 herds of javelina from one spot. One herd was seen running out of a cave! Then I glassed up a guy in camo carrying a backpack and water jugs going up and over a mountain. I don't think he was training for the Olympics. Here's some other interesting things we saw. We found this pile of rocks, Mike thinks it's a burial mound. We also saw this cool saguaro cactus. My last sunset until I return to hunt coues this fall.
  11. Hey all, here's another short video I just put together. You all might find this one a little crazy but it really happened, his tail gets perfectly shot off! Fortunately the buck was quickly relocated and taken with a great shot but unfortunately in the chaos, that part didn't get filmed. Stubby was a great buck and the hunter was very happy with em'! This same hunter killed 4 bucks with us between 102"-118"... all in less than 1 year! Thanks for checkin it out, more to come! JIM> Details: The guide and hunter snuck in as close as they could because there was a strong crosswind. The shot was 455 yards and the hunter didn't hold far enough into the wind, blowing the shot off course. They then relocated him, snuck in closer to 350 yards and held better for the wind making a perfect shot. Lesson: Practice with your hunting rifles in windy conditions to become familiar with how wind affects your bullet and learn to judge wind speed and keep a cheat sheet handy! Here's a closer up look at what happened. The buck was quartering to the shot and the impact was not as far off as it appears in the video. With the quartering angle, the bullet hit the front side of the back hip and came out taking the tail with it.
  12. Well, since I'm getting ready to head to Mexico I figured i would share the year we had. We had limited tags in our family this year, but we had some great hunts and had a great time. I shot this Mexico buck on the last day last evening after passing up many others broken or not exactly what I wanted. There was 16 bucks on the hillside and this was the dominant buck. Others would have scored better but this one gave me a bedded shot at a long range, and here he is on my wall. Next was my UT buck at 33 yards NM antelope Son's first Coues I had the privilege of helping out on quite a few elk hunts, some big bulls were killed, but none of my family had tags (0 for 3 on cow tags) and so we are having to buy beef for the first time in 10+ years. For many years we use nothing but elk for all our burger. I am lucky enough to be headed to Mexico in a couple days to start off 2013, hopefully we get a few more tags and can be blessed again. Thanks.
  13. The "Agua Blanca Ranch" in Sonora, Mexico has produced this MONSTER mule deer. Ranch sits close to Puerto Libertad just SW of Caborca. The ranch owner, Vicente Contreras is very happy with his hunters' success. The Canadian hunter, Dennis Dale, is one lucky man. Big time congratulations to him and a big thank you to the Agua Blanca Ranch for sharing these with us. (I got these photos in an email this morning from a couple CW members, and it's been a flurry trying to get permission to post these. Amanda had us working overtime so we could share with you all!) Preliminary scores range from the 250" to 270"...WOW!!! These are all the photos we have as of now. Please excuse the quality of the second. *click on the first pic for a larger view*