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Found 23 results

  1. Hey y'all, me and my cousin both drew December unit 31 tags for this upcoming season. We have never hunted that area before, and I heard this forum was an awesome resource for hunters trying to kill deer in new areas. We are out of Kearny, and plan on doing several scouting trips ahead of the hunt. I'm a little daunted by the unit as I have no reference point for where to start. If anyone can help me out and recommend some roads we could start out on and go from there! Thank you!
  2. I have a Nikon spotting scope for sale. I have had it for about 8 yrs, doesn't work well with my crappy eyes, great shape, comes with padded cover , has a sun shield Price $150.00 '
  3. This is brand new never used pistol grip . $160.00 to your door
  4. Hey guys, long time lurker here making his first post. Sorry for the wall of text, TL;DR at the bottom. Please let me know if I made any mistakes regarding posting, profile, etc. I am pretty new to big game hunting in general with only a couple of Javelina hunts in terms of "big game" (with various levels of success). I moved here from Alaska a couple of years ago and therefor everything I'm doing, hunting wise, is self taught or with the help of some friends and I'm kind of at a stand still. Me and a buddy were both drawn for rifle coues in mid November down in 34A. I am relatively familiar with the area due to the Javelina hunts but have never been deer hunting before. I spend 95% of my time on the east side of the Santa Rita's as opposed to the west and have seen plenty of doe before, but never any bucks. As I'm sure quite a few of you know, the elevation and landscape change a lot on that side of the mountain... So my question is, should I continue scouting the mid-higher elevation part of the mountain where I've seen the majority of the does I've come across. Or should we focus on the lower, more desert-like terrain? I don't want to ask anyone about their secret locations or ask for anything too revealing, but I do appreciate anything anyone can tell me (Even if it isn't related to my question, I welcome ANY and all information)! I am a nursing student in West Phoenix so finding the time to hunt was a challenge within itself, and any scouting more than the day before is sadly not going to happen. As such, I am planning on using what I know from my February Javelina hunts. I am not expecting any real success on the hunt due to my lack of preparation because of school, but the experience will do nothing but help me going forward. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it, and any help you can provide! TL;DR: First time deer hunter. For coues on the east side of the Santa Ritas in unit 34A, which elevation should I focus my efforts? Low scrub-brush or the higher grass-like areas? Thank you for any tips you can help me with!
  5. Irish

    Coues 6A. First Scouting

    Hi everyone , So i went scouting in 6A from stone man lake road south to Apache maid mountain and further south , covered the three or four tanks for hours on end and saw everything but a coues deer. I plan on scouting from Camp Verde north next weekend but was wondering if there is anywhere that really deserves some focus. NOT looking for a honey hole just looking for some meat for my freezer and the experience. Any help appreciated my hunt is November 10th
  6. Hi Everyone, I have drawn a tag in 6A for November 10th and not having hunted this unit or even whitetail before so any help would be awesome. Hunting experience has been Red Stag , Fallow ,Sika Deer and Feral Goats back home. (Ireland) Plan is to start scouting after labor day from Stone man lake south to Camp Verde. I have a few weekends put aside for scouting and the full week for hunting. Reading everything I can highlighted , glassing , glassing and more glassing and im as set up for that as my budget can handle right now. Tripod , binos , range finder.. no spotting scope that is good enough to bother carrying but i will deal with that. Tips ? Pointers ? HELP ?? Thanks and good hunting to everyone
  7. Jglaudel

    Suspicious Person/Arsonist

    Please share this information with anyone you know going up the rim this summer for scouting. Keep an eye out for suspicious person and be careful. Pass this along to everyone you know. http://www.azfamily.com/story/35810512/suspected-arsonist-fires-shots-at-forest-service-crews-in-forest-lakes-area
  8. I want to get out and find some more good places to hunt. I also want to be productive when I'm out looking for new places. What do you look for when finding new coyote (and other predators) habitat? What types of water sources are best? How far from water? Close to roads? Far back in? Certain vegetation or terrain? Do you hike around and look for sign? Drive around calling and listening at night? Now that you have found good habitat, what do you look for when choosing locations to make stands? I'm based out of Mesa, so most of the time I'm chasing predators in Sonoran desert type terrain on day trips. I'm not asking where you hunt, I'm asking for tips on the best way for me to find places to hunt.
  9. Mhayez

    36A Pointer

    Hi everyone, First of all I would like to start by stating that is is a great site to learn about hunting in Arizona. All your forum topics have been very helpful. This is my first time rifle hunting and I'll be hunting in 36A thanksgiving weekend. My question is do you guys have any additional pointers for hunting this unit? I read the info that AZGF has but I was wondering if other hunters have tips they would like to share as well. I'm just trying to have a successful first time hunt. I would grately appreciate it. Thanks
  10. tomharveyb

    San Carlos Antlerless elk

    Hey everybody- I'm new to cw.com but was wondering if anybody out there has hunted the San Carlos Res for cow elk. I got a tag for Oct 30- Nov 8 later this month. I'm making my first scouting trip up there end of this week. Can anybody get me headed in the right direction? I've been to SC at least 20 times going in to Black River and turkey hunting and can honestly say I've never seen an elk there. Am planning on starting my scouting at Dry Lake. Thanks.
  11. Great trailer, towes easy behind truck with 32" 33" tires with straight hitch. Easy up and down. Sleeps 6. Sink, stove grill, heater, 2 showers , toilet, water heater, fans and more, awesome for 2men on a to week hunting trip. Take a look. Thx $5500
  12. AmericanThunder

    Galaxy Note 3 With Phone Skope

    I have a used Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone on AT&T and a Phone Skope kit to go along with it. Phone includes used view flip cover and original back cover. Phone skope kit is for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Vortex Optics Viper HD 20x60x80 spotting scope. $250 for the package.

    Elk Season Part I (pic heavy)

    I didn't draw an early bull tag again, so all my days consisted of scouting for others. Since I live and work in the middle of Elk country I get to see bulls on a daily basis. When I don't have a tag myself I glass from afar and take a few pictures or video and head on into work. This year I was able to help out on a few hunts, had a great time and got some decent video and pictures. Most of these pictures are screen shots from video. sorry for quality. same bull hardhorned 8 miles away from velvet picture I posted this one before.
  14. Thought some might like to see a few more antelope pictures on CWT.com while we wait for the success photos to come in! So for those who have tags or just enjoy looking at big bucks, here are some of the recent scouting pictures that I had on my phone. Lance
  15. Lance

    Velvet Bulls pics

    Thought I would share with you some pictures that our two boys Ty and Weston took this last week. Elk do most of their growing in June so there is a huge difference between the first and the last of the month.
  16. Deertracker


    I got drawn for the first hunt on October in 34A. This will be my first time hunting this unit as I am new to the area. Any info and help would be great Thanks Guys.
  17. Antmo23

    Today was a good day...

    I took advantage of the weather we had today and went out scouting with a buddy of mine. We found a bunch of new areas that I can't wait to explore in more detail. Glassed up a few deer in the rain, had a run in with a rattle snake, got a little too close for comfort with a scorpion, helped a coule of CWT.com members with their dead battery, and got to interact(and video!) a yearling doe at 10 yards for 7 minutes!
  18. elkiny

    5A Late Nov. Hunt

    Hello all, Helping my dad scout 5A for his late November hunt. Anyone have any good starting points or have any experience hunting elk in this unit. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks, El Kiny
  19. wildwoody

    them bulls

    them there bulls are rubbin of nicely , saw a 300 bull and a monster 350 bull and rubbed of but the smaller bulls still in velvet. can't wait untill the 13th. what have you seen
  20. Thought I would share a couple of velvet group photos from Last month in June. Lance http://www.timberlandoutfitters.blogspot.com/2013/06/tlo-interactive-seminar-and-class-by.html
  21. I've been considering a scouting service for my elk hunt this year. A package runs $300. I work at a lake so summer is real hard for me to get out and scout as much as I'd like to. Also my father has never killed a big game animal. We've hunted every year together, but I really want him to bag his first Elk. Opinions and advice is so greatly appreciated! Since joining this site years ago I've made so many great friends. Love my CWT family. Any help would be awesome!
  22. I recently wrote a book, and while it's geared more for the novice and not necessarily geared for the experienced hunter, it may be beneficial for those who've been away from the sport for a while. I hope you all enjoy and benefit even a small amount from it. I'm not a writer by profession, but thought I'd give it a try. I've wanted to write a book since I was a kid and finally got it done. Here's a few links to where you can pick it up if you wish. It's primarily based on Coues deer, but I also included some Muley info. www.lulu.com/mediabyKevinG http://www.barnesand...nter/1016993652 http://www.amazon.co...nt to hunt deer I Hope that you all like it! Kevin
  23. My dad and I spent the weekend looking over some of God's country! We checked out some new areas for our upcoming hunt, had some laughs, got a sunburn! First area we checked Found a bear track in the wash we were walking Cool rose looking plant in the wash We saw a ring neck snake that I did not get a picture of (slackn). It was dark grayish/brown with a ring at the base of the head and it curled the end of the its body to show a bright red color! Really cool! Second area we checked Found these two ladies bedded until they made there afternoon move for new shade local wildlife hanging out! Third area we checked Here is a guess how many deer you see Here is a guess what is in the pic.....hard to see but if was taken far away through my binos and the batteries were dieing on the camera We had a great time looked at a lot of county (didnt take pics of all the areas). Cannot wait for the hunt! All the deer we saw were bedded before 8 am! Good luck to all on your fall hunts!