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Harris HBLM Bipod

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Used, but in excellent condition.  Legs are spring-loaded, with five notches for height adjustment.  Legs extend from 9" to 13".  Everything works as it should.  Rubber feet are in near new shape.  Everybody should already be familiar with Harris, so no need to launch into lengthy description.  Asking price is $55.  First "I'll Take It" posted in this thread trumps any and all private messages or texts.  This way, everything is in the open and nobody can snipe or back door your claim in line.  Use PM's and texting for questions.  Karl  602-361-7191.

Low-ballers: don't even bother.   Sorry about pics.  Don't know why they load sideways.

Only possible trade:  used Magnetospeed Sport model.

Harris HBLM3.JPG

Harris HBLM2.JPG

Harris HBLM1.JPG

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