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Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

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I'm interested in some 6.5  143 ELDX & 6.5 140 Gr. Hornady SST. How does this work?



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12 hours ago, CWpredator said:

So no .338 285 Eld-M available? 

The only Hornady .338 I can get is the 225gr SP

Nosler 226gr /300gr Long range Accubond, 180gr/200gr Ballistic Tip, 300gr BTHP Custom Comp, Partition SP.

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Ordering info 

Ok guys I would like to get this first order in by the end of the week. I will keep ordering as long as there is still interest so if you miss out on the first one no worries. I’d like to clarify a few things because I have had a few questions sent to my inbox. 


  1. This is for reloading components ONLY, NOT LOADED AMMO
  2. It is safe to assume everything is a backorder, I wouldn’t expect anything to be shipped right away, I have NO estimated time of shipping. 
  3. I will need 50% money deposit (cash,check or CC+3.25% fee) to get your order placed, and I will cover the rest when the order is ready to ship but expect you to pay your remaining balance and pickup in a reasonable time. 
  4. To place an order you can private message me or email Cody@valleyprecisionfirearms.com and I can get you an invoice. 
  5. I’m still working on getting a full list of what can be ordered but until then page 5 has the most popular prices.

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