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Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

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Not sure if anyone would be interested in this opportunity or not but I figured I would put it out there. 

I am a ammo manufacture and have a few distributor accounts with some companies. I am in the middle of placing a large order directly from the manufacture and am willing to order extra for you guys. Now due to current market conditions obviously there is no estimated date on when this order will be filled but it will be roughly the same time retail stores get their shipments. The bonus is you don’t have to deal with the 5000 other shooters checking the internet 3 times a day fighting for the 1 box. 

This order is good for Nosler, Hornady and bulk plated pistol bullets. Hornady and Nosler brass is also available. 

Reloading components only no loaded ammo

Available in both bulk and normal packaging depending on order size, if it’s a bulk package but you don’t want the full amount we will try to split it up between each other but that means someone is going to get plastic bag instead of factory boxes. 

I will work on getting a full list of prices but for now let me know what your looking for and I’ll get a price. Prices will be on par with other retail store, no price gouging. 

Please note- Hornady ATIPs and ELDX are NOT available. 

Right now I’m just feeling this out to see if there is any interest. If there is a lot of orders we will look at payment options but for right now I wont require a deposit until I get a shipping notice. I will need contact info in order to get payment info when orders get shipped. 

Ordering info 

Ok guys I would like to get this first order in by the end of the week. I will keep ordering as long as there is still interest so if you miss out on the first one no worries. I’d like to clarify a few things because I have had a few questions sent to my inbox. 


  1. This is for reloading components ONLY, NOT LOADED AMMO
  2. It is safe to assume everything is a backorder, I wouldn’t expect anything to be shipped right away, I have NO estimated time of shipping. 
  3. I will need 50% money deposit (cash,check or CC+3.25% fee) to get your order placed, and I will cover the rest when the order is ready to ship but expect you to pay your remaining balance and pickup in a reasonable time. 
  4. To place an order you can private message me or email Cody@valleyprecisionfirearms.com and I can get you an invoice. 
  5. I’m still working on getting a full list of what can be ordered but until then page 5 has the most popular prices.

Edit- I just heard back and unfortunately the ELDX line is unavailable as well. With Hornady orders we have at least a case so unless it’s something a lot of people want we will have to wait to place the order. Nosler has smaller minimums so that won’t be a problem. Brass is in large case quantities 

In your post specify how many you would be interested in so we can get an idea on where we stand with orders. 

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11 minutes ago, azsugarbear said:

I would be interested in the 6.5 ELD-M 147 grains


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I would be interested in 6.5CM Hornady ELD-x 143g. I would prefer just the bullets to load my own but factory loads would be OK too. 6.5 Grendel would be good too. As a manufacturer do you have access to primers or powder? 

Thanks for thinking to offer to this group. 

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I'm definitely interested in some 6.5CM Hornady ELD-x 143g, also. 

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I would be interested in at least 10 boxes each of 


30 cal 178 grain Hornady eld x 

7mm 175 grain Hornady eld x

6.5 143 grain Hornady eld x

30 cal 180 grain nosler ballistic tips


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