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Daughter drew unit 9 youth cow!

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My 10 year old daughter drew a unit 9 cow tag for the 8-14 October youth hunt this year.  We're excited and a little surprised as her Hunters Ed point hasn’t even been awarded yet so she drew with 0 points.  Anyway; first big game tag for her and so far she only has a few rabbits under her belt via the 22.  We have a summer of center fire practice ahead of us.

My familiarity with unit 9 is nil.  I have seen some archery success at Camp Navajo, but that is the extent of my AZ elk experience.  I would tend to think that some bugling would still be heard mid-Oct to help us locate herds, but otherwise I would plan to scout and gravitate towards water.    It does not appear to me that the unit will lend itself very well to glassing.  

I also see pretty extensive road coverage such that truck camping with daily backpack hunting can cover most of the unit,no?  I don’t have an ATV, standard 4wd pickup only.  I have multi-day backcountry backpack hunted MT so I am equipped, but that’s probably a bit much to ask of my daughter on her first big game hunt if not necessary.

Any assistance validating or correcting some of my assumptions above or any general guidance would be greatly appreciated.  



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Unit 9 is a pretty simple cow elk hunt, get on any major forrest service road and start driving early morning late evening, you will see them pretty much everywhere. then figure out where your going to hunt from there.

north of redbutte and east side of freeway in the pines. junipers hold them also but its a wastes and you cant see far enough. many meadows on the east side of the freeeway. once you get up there ans start looking all your questions will be answered.



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