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Christensen Ridgeline 7mm RM + brass SOLD*

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As said, Christensen Ridgeline chambered in 7mm rem mag. It has 26 inch barrel with 1:9 twist and a newer trigger tech trigger. They come with TT but I had a Timney Calvin Elite put in it. I just bought a Proof rifle and wanted to keep the Timney so I had a gunsmith (Near and Far Gunsmithing in Goodyear) swap the triggers. Im unsure if it’s any better than the original TT but it is a dang nice trigger. About 350 rounds down it. I can share load information with you but it took the usual suspects pretty well like Berger 168 vld and 175 eldx with retumbo and H1000. Also had luck with 150 accubonds. 

$1600 located in Buckeye. Ill also throw in 47 3x fired Norma brass, annealed between 2-3 firings. 





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First picture is 168 berger vld hunting and h1000. Second is 168 Berger’s and retumbo. Third picture is 150 accubonds and imr 4350. Three shot groups because I’m cheap and 100 yards. The gun didn’t shoot groups like that every time (or at least the shooter wasn’t able to) these are the highlight groups but it’s a capable gun. 




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Bump for a good deal!

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