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Arizona's Mnt Rushmore of Hunting

Mount Rushmore of Arizona hunting and why?  

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  1. 1. Who's the top four in Arizona hunting

    • Jack o' Connor father to sheep hunting - outdoor life legend
    • Duwane Adam's created the glassing phenomenon
    • Bill Quimby- outdoor writer
    • Tony mandile-outdoor writer
    • Jay Scott - Podcaster
    • Amanda Moor - champion to females in the outdoors
    • Jed Larson- guide
    • John mcclendon- guide
    • Russ jacoby - bison guide
    • Pete cimellaro - arizona hunting politics
    • Tice Suplee - azgfd wildlife management chief when hunting was good
    • John Stallone- Podcaster
    • Clay bundy- strip guide
    • Pete Shipley- pse founder
    • Randy Ulmer- pretty good bowhunter
    • Tom Waggoner- helping az veterans hunt
    • Marvin Robbins - Turkey Hunter

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14 minutes ago, 520HUNT said:

I kind of figured it was a joke when I saw Jed and the Podcast Joker (Jay) on there

They have a following and jed kills some big stiff. Hahaha technically in the state of Arizona. 

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In the early 90's there was a Deer Show in Phx. If I remember correctly it was sponsored by the NRA. It been awhile but I think it was mostly eastern WT, with a couple of Coues in there. Jay Gates was there and so was John Wooters a outdoor writer. Anyone remember anyone else.

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25 minutes ago, AZtroutman said:

After you included Jed Larson the poacher I couldn't take your post seriously. Can we add Elmer Fudd to the list? I'd vote for him.

Read in the comments some adds were full tongue in cheek. 


Bc777 was there but got deleted 

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