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Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Platinums 4 Sale

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Changed the Cam on my Mathews and rendered these arrows to short to use.  These are virtually new arrows most have never been shot the ones that have 3 or 4 been only shot into foam for sitting in purposes my cost was over two hundred for the dozen.  They are 28.5 inches long and are Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce 340 Platinum's, GPI 8.3.  Paid over $200 at Arizona Archery Club - will let them go for $100.00.  Located in N. Scottsdale more than welcome to inspect before purchase.  Send me a note if you are interested.






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I am available to meet tomorrow or Monday - Can meet you anywhere off the 101 from Shea to Scottsdale Rd or you can meet me at my place near Alma School & Dynamite - your choice.



Arrows are sold.. Thanks

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Arrows Sold

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