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Looking for imr4895 in Phoenix

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Brownells just listed it yesterday, limit 2lbs so 102.88 with hazmat and shipping, don't know how long it will last. If they have other powders you want, you can get more on the same hazmat.

I do have a couple pounds of AA2495 available, why they called it 2495 instead of 4895 who knows. AA designed it to duplicate imr4895, now that Hodgdon owns both IMR and Accurate and both are made in the same plant in Canada, only difference may be the label. They have always loaded really close to the same, within lot variations. The difference in H4895 is it's an extreme powder made in Australia.

I bought the AA2495 as backup when I couldn't find H4895 which I use a lot of, I finally found some.



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