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WTT Blackhorn 209 for 209 Primers

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Looking to trade 1 fresh and unopened 10oz bottle of Blackhorn for CCI 209M or Federal 209A primers.  I am not looking to sell the powder although I will trade smaller quantity of primers plus cash if that is the only deal out there.  Live in far NW Peoria but work close to I17 & Loop 101.  I am also in Flagstaff weekly.






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I was thinking about 500 would seem fair.  I paid $50.00 + tax (yeah Cabela's is a rip).  That translates to $100.00 for a brick of primers which seems to be the current resale rate at the moment (if/when you can find them).  I might take 400 if I get desperate or cannot find them retail.  I am not at that point, it is just that I have more powder than primers and want to start developing loads in a few weeks for a new muzzy acquisition. 

Just saw someone post that Cabela's may have BH so maybe there is less value in my offer but I am thinking in a few days/weeks there will be another shortage. 

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