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2021 4b az archery elk

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Shot this guy on opening morning. Spent a few days scouting before my hunt to find some elk to get into and i found a few. Spent most my time scout for wifes 3a3c tag. Opening mor ing I Come up a small hill to look in a meadow and across it i see this guy chasing a cow all over. One cow call and the cow heard it and came running and the bull was right behind. They came into 20 yards searching and after a few seconds of not seeing anything turned to walk away and I stopped him at 40 yards and shot him. He ran 50 yards and died. Shot him with a rage. I know people give that broadhead a bad review but they have never let me down and always leave huge holes.. been up in 3a3c with the wife ever sense trying to fill her tag. Seen plenty of bulls and have had a opportunity everyday and passed on a ton of bulls. Last night she missed. this morning put an arrow over the back of one. Hope it pans out she is getting discouraged. sorry for the sideways pics from on the phone in the woods. I am happy i could send it.



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