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***SOLD***Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader .50 cal w/scope full package

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Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader with Athlon Argos 3-15x40 BDC scope w/ neoprene cover, Talley lite rings.

Weighs 9lbs-14.9oz with Scope & Cover.  I haven’t been drawn for muzzloader the last 3 years in New Mexico so offering it up if someone is in need and lucky enough to draw a Muzzy tag.  Turnkey package with everything needed to hunt this year, and quite a few more with all the bullets included!  Has a couple kills under its belt!
Very accurate, Sub MOA.  Pushed it to 440 Yards.  Will include load data and drop charts/all info to add into shooter app.  Turret is used to dial and does so accurately.  
Gunsmith work;
Remington 700 trigger it came with was replaced by gunsmith with a 700 trigger he tuned to approx. 2lbs 5oz with no creep and very crisp.  Great trigger!
Recoil lug bedded and front of action skim bedded
Barrel threaded and muzzle brake installed, hand tight for easy removal as needed
Supplies included;
1 pack of primers I’ll include (CCI #200 pictured), can include Magnum if you’d prefer
Partial bottle (little bit left) of Blackhorn 209 
1 full unopened bottle of Blackhorn 209
Qty 99- 250 Grn Barnes Accutip bullets (72 in packages and approx. 27 in baggies)
Qty 45-Priming Modules (24 in new unopened bag, 16 primed, and 5 spent primers)
Qty 8-BH 209 loading tubes loaded with 103 Grains BY WEIGHT
Cleaning patches
BH 209 cleaning solvent
Cleaning Jag
Bore brush 
“Custom” powder funnel (plastic funnel with brass for tip haha, but works)
Tackle box for everything 
Owners Manual
Redhead neoprene scope cover
I won’t separate and sell powder, primers, bullets separately.  Selling as a package only.
I’m in the Morenci, AZ area 
Asking $1,400
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1st dibs to J-Klee and

2nd to PBRTallBoys.

just an FYI, I’m working nights and sleeping during the day so I may not be able to get back with people from around 7am to 4pm today (Friday)-Tuesday. 

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