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36C Late December

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Hello Everybody,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is having a prosperous fall. I was lucky enough to draw a late December tag in 36C and I am looking forward to getting out there. A lot has happened since drawing the tag, and we found out that my wife is pregnant with our first child that is due in May! However, she is my usual hunting partner and does not feel comfortable in the unit after we spent a couple of days down there in September.

I have a friend that is able to tag along for the beginning of the hunt (16th-19th) but I was really wanting to be out there after Christmas. My wife is concerned about me hunting and camping alone, so I was going to reach out and see if anyone would be down there at that time and not mind me camping near them and possibly tagging along.

I know it is a big ask but it would allow me to spend more time chasing my favorite animal and an opportunity to make some new friends. You can reach me on this site or call/text me at 575-528-8436.


Kyle Price

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On 7/29/2022 at 8:46 AM, bigorange said:

Hasn’t been here since Feb. doubt we’ll ever know. 

You never know…hopefully he’ll make his way back to the site. I find myself back on here reading up as I’m doing scouting for hunts later this year. Almost to the fall and can’t wait for hunting season to roll around again!

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delayed response, life has been crazy since having our first child. I did not notch my tag but passed on some decent bucks and saw a ton of deer and some really nice bucks. I appreciate all the help from people on here and even got to hunt a day with another coueswhitetail member (Thanks for all the help Cole!). I will definitely try and be more active on the site but I am a little bummed that this will be my first fall not chasing coues deer since I started hunting them.


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