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The wife got it done

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Better late than never right? The wife got it done on the 1st mulie hunt this year. She was a trooper and harvested her 1st animal ever. She claimed she was only other there for me, however has been asking me since she'l tagged out if were gunna do it again next year. Couldn't be more happier for her, big shout out to my brother inlaw Chad for the help.




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11 hours ago, HyNoon said:

Awesome hopefully she gets hooked now.... nice buck. Congratulations 


10 hours ago, Yuma Outdoorsman said:

Congrats to her on killing her first animal. What a nice buck. She will for sure be hooked for life now. 


9 hours ago, sherman said:

Nice buck sounds like someone got hooked 


9 hours ago, Swivelhead said:

Congrats to your wife.  Nice buck too.

She said thank you, She seems to wanto go again so thays a big win for me. She can't wait to get him home from the Taxidermist. It's always a blessing to be able to do something with the family even better when your able to havest a nice buck. 

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Outstanding!  Congrats to her.  Wish I could get my wife to give it a try.

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