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Are you really going to shoot a fork?!?!

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Every couple of years I draw my December tag. It’s somthing I look forward to, preparing online maps and comparing previous hunts. I set off in the low country glassing along the way. My dads always been big on not walking past one just to get where you wanna go. But I knew exactly where I wanted to be, as most of us do by now. We know what tags we wanna draw , where we want to hunt and most importantly where those better bucks should be. It was December 12th and it was hot. The clouds we’re starting to form overhead and the wind had picked up, making the sun beating down a little more bearable. About then a small 3x3 had started working across the ridge next to me , exposing himself on a rock out crop he paused and looked back over his shoulder. The big fork showed himself, I could see his crown was tall. I almost immediately made up my mind. Thinking to myself “ are you really gonna shoot a fork?!?! But at 540 yards I could see his main beams coming around the front and his eyegaurds were as good as they were ever gonna be. I set up my phone scope, and dialed my rifle . The wind was picking up, confidence in my gear I settled into my rifle. The buck stopped broadside and I squeezed it off. Jumping to my phone I replayed and confirmed I made a good shot. My bullet had drifted forward, but it was in the shoulder and he was down. I’m awfully proud of the decision I made to take this old buck. I honestly tried talking myself out of it at one point but in the end he’s a trophy like no other I now have! The taxidermist has him at 6-8 years old and he went 93.25. 

it’s a passion I couldn’t imagine living without, Merry Christmas Coueswhitetail members , Happy New Year and God Bless!





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Heck ya man, he's a brute and I wouldn't have passed him up on a late December hunt also. Congrats and thanks for posting pictures. 

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