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Rob Stephan

SOLD - 6.5PRC Reloading “Package Deal Only”

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Started accumulating reloading supplies for a 6.5PRC that isn’t going to happen. YES, I overpaid, NO I don’t want to sell anything separately.  This would be good for someone that is planning on building or buying a 6.5PRC and not sure what it’s going to like and would to buy everything at once instead of scrounging the internet like I was doing over the last 8 months.

I know plenty of folks on this site and others that would like to buy these components separately,  but I would prefer to sell everything at once.  I purchased the 140’s and CCI200’s from Midway, the 156 EOL’s from Extreme Outdoors, ADG brass from Mile High and the 143’s from LRH.  (You can research the pricing) 

$800 bucks - No trades at this time. Thanks for looking!



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I don’t have dies. I was working up some loads for a friend’s PRC using his reloading components and dies.  I thought I was going to buy or build a PRC, but decided to just build another 7 Mag. 

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