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Primers and powders for sale or trade

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This is what’s available….

6000-Winchester WLP large pistol primers

900-GM205m small magnum rifle

1200- cci300 large pistol

Approx 200-cci200 large rifle

powders, some are old, some are open. I’ll just throw them on here in case anyone needs any of these….all are approx unless specified…. If interested I can weigh.

1 lb h110

3+ lb herco

7 lb  solo 1250

10lb scot 4100- 1 unopened keg and one with 2-3 lbs

4-5lb or more win 473aa in open paper keg…

8lb universal clays

also 3 hornady 366 shotshell reloaders. One each set up for 20ga, 28 ga, and .410.if interested I can give pics and details

i do also have several thousand w209 that id rather keep but I’d let go of for an interesting trade or what I paid(I paid up for them compared to normal prices but not nearly $75+ most places are selling them for) ifsomeone really needs some id let some go, I know they can be hard to come by.I need some bh209,magnum 209, lead shot, heck a gun if you want a bunch…. Let me know.

if interested just make me a fair offer, I don’t know exactly what these all go for but I’Ll look into it, I’d let them go for under current market for sure.

im in tucson


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Do you have any 410 reloading  components? Hulls ?

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