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SOLD Kimber hunter pro octane 6.5cm W/ Vortex HST

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 Kimber hunter pro octane chambered In 6.5cm topped with a vortex viper HST 4-16×44 / talley lightweight rings. 7lb 4oz as you see it. Looking to move as a set ready to hunt, target picture is an 24 inch target 4 inch center 2 shots at 500 yards with reloads, has had 83 rounds fired. Info from the website below. $1450 FTF pm to discuss shipping options located in Buckeye Az 

The Kimber® Hunter is a trim, lightweight bolt-action rifle made to carry over extreme terrain—and hit targets at extended ranges. The rifle is built on the Kimber 84M stainless steel action that utilizes a Mauser claw extractor and a 3-position wing safety. The composite stock features TrueTimber® O2™ Octane camo, a versatile multi-environment pattern that maximizes up-close concealment, while using contrasting light and dark colors to disrupt the human silhouette at long distances. The stock has a 1" recoil pad, and textured gripping surfaces. A sporter-contour, stainless steel barrel with Kimpro FDE finish offers precision accuracy with low maintenance. Pillar bedding and a match-grade adjustable trigger aid in reaching the rifle's full accuracy potential. A detachable magazine allows rapid and safe loading and unloading. The Kimber Hunter Pro Bolt-Action Rifle is a fast handling, highly accurate rifle that's at home in the world's roughest game country where hardcore hunters seek trophy animals. Made in USA.

  • Threaded barrel and muzzle brake
  • Kimber 84M stainless steel action
  • Sporter-contour, stainless steel barrel with Kimpro FDE finish
  • O2 Octane camo composite stock
  • Match-grade adjustable trigger
  • 3-position wing safety
  • Detachable magazine






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Thanks for letting me know!

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Still admiring this rig… bump for ya!

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