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10x12 Wall Tent w/ Awning - Price Drop

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Wall Tent - 10ft x 12ft w/ 5ft side walls

- 12oz cotton duck canvas by Sunforger
- zippered front door
- screen front door
- rear screen window
- sod cloth around base
- stove jack with flap
- rope tie-downs every 18" for heavy winds
- canvas storage bag
- canvas floor included
Front Awning - 10ft x 12ft
- rope tie-downs every 18" for heavy winds
Steel Frame Included
- fabricated from 1" EMT 
- corner pieces zinc plated
- frame extends directly through tent front wall for awning
- tent can be set up without awning if needed
Wood Stove by Cylinder Stoves
- Hunter model
- 24"L x 14"W x 11"H
- includes both 12" and 22" legs
- straight nesting stove pipe
- stove pipe damper
- spark arrestor
Asking $3000 but willing to talk...  Used, but always cared for properly.  Complete setup ready to go for your next hunt.  Great for all seasons, elk, deer, etc. Compare to Montana Canvas 10x12 with frame for $2400. This adds a custom awning and stove. Make me an offer.





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