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CZ 452-2E rifle - .22 WMR - SOLD

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CZ 452-2E in .22 WMR.  BEAUTIFUL wood stock on this thing.  Shoots great.  I have the stock wrapped to protect it because I have two knuckleheads who used to target practice with me, who were reliably unreliable in not banging my guns.  This gun is a good shooter.  Bench shooting with it only.  It has a crappy Redfield I inherited from my father on it.  I prefer to keep the scope.  I have three magazines for it.  The prices on these are all over the place online.  I know what I have in it, so I am asking $550.  




Edit: located in Sierra Vista, but willing to meet part way to make a deal.  Travel to Tucson regularly.  Trips to Phoenix sporadically.  Hunting trip in 5b in a few weeks, so can deliver along the way...

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