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Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you were all able to enjoy a nice day giving thanks with family and friends.

As has become tradition for the past few years, I’ve posted a “semi live” thread for anyone who is interested in following our hunts. I know when I’m not out hunting, I enjoy hearing about how you all are out doing on your hunts. 

I was lucky to be drawn for two late bulls hunts in 2019 and 2020 and then an October whitetail hunt in 2021. Well this year, the one to finally get drawn was my wife! I was super excited when she finally drew, and she’s been getting more and more excited over the past few months. 

We’ve scouted our unit several times since July, and we have a good idea of the canyons and areas we want to be hunting in. Last weekend during our final scouting trip, we found a decent bachelor group with at least one shooter. Hopefully we can turn up those same bulls tomorrow morning. While I’m not sure anyone likes getting up before 4am, I know I’ll be looking forward to it as I hope my wife is able to fill her first ever tag!! If we can’t find that group of bulls tomorrow morning, that’s ok. We have 5 1/2 days to get it done, and lots of family and friends to share the experience with. I’ll post an update at least once per day (maybe twice) depending on service. Thanks for following along!

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Day 1 Update:

Morning started at 4am to drive and hike back into our spot by 5:45 or so. As we were hiking in with our flashlights, a group of hunters comes in out of now where and passed us on the trail. Kinda a rough way to start before the sun was even up. We get into our spot with plenty of time left before sun comes up. As we wait for the hillside to lighten up, we’re just hoping that as the sun breaks we will see some bulls on the other side of the canyon. Unfortunately, all we see is another group of hunters 100 yards to our left glassing the same two ridges we are. After kind of just looking at each other back and forth I tell my wife as much as it stinks, we should pack up and move further in. We didn’t see any bulls that first little bit of light anyways. As we start packing up, I notice that the other group realizes we are packing up so they grab all their gear and hike further in. Rough haha. So we ended up staying put at that spot for the rest of the morning. We were rewarded 10 minutes later when my buddy spots a bull working his way across the top of the ridge in front of us. I range it at 440 yards, just out of my wife’s range (400 yds) but we get her set up in case he starts feeding down. Well he went into a little draw between ridges and never saw him come out. We didn’t think he bedded down so he must have worked his way up and over. A couple more hours pass and the only thing we spot are two more groups of hunters. Didn’t realize there would be so many about 2 miles in but oh well. As the morning turned to afternoon, my wife wanted to hike out and scout a canyon about 3 miles south. We ended up finding a great glassing spot and spend a couple hours there. My father in law spotted a bull at 670 yards but he was walking quick and went up and over a ridge before anyone else from our group was able to find him. We decided to go back to our morning spot for the evening hunt and it seemed like we had the place to ourselves since we didn’t see or hear any other groups. Unfortunately no bulls spotted during the evening hunt but we heard a pair of gunshots a ridge or two over so hopefully someone else was able to tag out. Our consolation prize for our hard day of hiking, glassing, and hunting was spotting a nice sized black bear right as the sun was going down. Amazingly, it was my first time coming across one of those in all my scouting/hunting trips! It was a long day but great being out in the woods enjoying time with my wife and the rest of our party. Fingers crossed tomorrow brings a tad more luck! 




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