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300 Weatherby Dies, Forster and Hornady

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Rebarreling my MK V to a 300 PRC

Everything is for sale but would like to sell as a package. I can ship or willing to meet within a reasonable distance.

I'm in Flagstaff!

40 Factory rounds of Federal Premium 180 gr. Triple Shock

78 once fired Federal brass

40 once fired RP brass

65 once fired Weatherby brass with 20 deprimed

1 Hornady Custom Grade FL die set with an extra Seating barrel [Hornady sent me a shorter one for use with my Forster Co Ax. $45

1 Forster Bench Rest FL die set $70

38 reloads 4th time loaded W/83.3 gr. H-1000 and 200 gr. ELD-X [I can Fire these if needed] Weatherby brass

33 5xFired 2x annealed, Weatherby brass

43 4x fired 2x annealed sized and ready to load, Weatherby brass

Also included 1 modified 300 Weatherby case

All of the 4 and 5 time loaded may have primer pockets that are loosening.

Trades would be Berger 215 or 230 HT, 300 PRC Brass, 300 PRC dies, 300PRC ammo

Loading blocks not included

$300 for everything

#00 WBY 1.jpg

300 WBY 2.jpg

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My freind wants to buy the package. Can you PM me your phone #? I'll have him contact you.


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