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AKC Black/Chocolate Labs - expected 12/30, ready 2/21/2023

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I'm helping a friend advertise some upcoming pups for sale as hunting/outdoor families are always preferred buyers. Sire/dam meetings are available upon request in Mesa, AZ.

Price is $1400.

Contact Claire for all additional information. 



63 days gestation is 12/30/2022.

Puppies available ~2/21-28/2023.

I've known the chocolate dam since she was a pup herself and is the least spastic, most well-behaved lab and dog I've ever met. 10/10 OB and kid-loving.

















Black sire -






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17 minutes ago, Tres said:

So the sire and dam hunt? 

Looking at the papers with all the FC, AFC, NAFC and NFC in the blood lines figure they are going to birdy as anything you could find. NFC= National Field Champion  AFC= Amateur Field Champion. All that means is that the dog won a field trial event, won a National Field trial event. The A means handled by an amateur in said event. 

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I am aware of what the pedigree says. Do the sire and dam hunt was the question.

I see OFAs done on some of the dogs in the pedigree. Were the OFAs done on the sire and dam as well? 

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1 hour ago, firstcoueswas80 said:

Those are expensive labs, sheesh. 

So are bad genetics and vet bills.

The contact in the OP can answer any questions. 

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Hello All, 

The pups for sale in this post are mine. CouesPursuit was kind enough to help while I was getting my account sorted.

We have a male and female spoken for at the moment leaving 4 males and 2 females remaining. This is a strong litter and interest seems to be high so please let me know if you are interested. I prefer they go to hunters, especially in AZ.

We are a hunting family and have finished dogs at home. The dam does not hunt with me as a result. A number of her litter mates do and a few have completed trials. 

The sire of this litter as posted is currently in training and his owners plan on hunting quail and pheasant with him once complete. 

We are currently waiting DNA confirmation for the sire. There is a chance that my finished lab (even more impressive pedigree) fathered this litter. I will update once confirmed. 

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