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Hi all. I'm trying to get my 14 year old a decent opportunity at a mature whitetail. We gave a left over tag a try a few years ago and located a few spikes and a 2 point, but I am unfamiliar with southern AZ units so it's pretty random of an attempt for us. He wants to get a coues deer so I hoping to find a little help. He has school and plays sports so is always limited to a weekend hunt. I don't need to be guided but need an idea a good unit to hunt with a decent starting point and maybe a recent scouting report. I live in north central AZ (units 7W, 8, 9 and 10) and can trade out help on a hunt up this way. I can scout, show areas to hunt, etc. We have good OTC archery deer hunts up here as well as elk and antelope if you can draw a tag. I thought I'd put this out there now in case someone that can help wants to put in for the open elk/antelope draw now (message me and I can make suggestions on units). Thanks.

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