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Son’s general javelina

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Last tag for javelina this year. We had some bad winds this week after my wife killed on Friday. I spent the last 4 days wondering if I forgot what a javelina looks like in the binos. My son and I went out everyday after school with no luck. We put on some good miles hiking and glassed til dark each day. Yesterday evening we got an email from the school district that we have a snow day and there’s no school on Thursday. So this morning we booked out for a last day of the season hunt. The morning portion ended up seeing diddly squat.

 I remembered that last Saturday I spotted a herd 3 miles out but I had no idea how to get there and couldn’t landmark the area. We watched a young lady stalk that herd but couldn’t tell if she harvested anything.   When I was running out of options today, We decided to head there and see if we could pick up the herd. I glassed up a single pig moving in a wash bed and we gave chase, got to 30-50 yards but no shots. The pig caught on that he was being chased and eventually ran off.  We moved to another glassing spot close by and saw another single pig walking and we gave chase. Snuck in to 85 yards and waited for a broadside shot and got an opportunity and my son (Colby) knocked him down.   I’m guessing the young lady got a shot off on Saturday since both pigs were solo and moving.  This one is gonna be one of the best snow days Colby’ll have.  He was ecstatic with harvesting a pig on the last day of the season. 

The pig was a nice sized boar 7-8 years old, real stinky.  Gotta have been a breeding boar.




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17 hours ago, Stray Horse said:

Do the years fly.  I remember seeing you on here probably in your teens.

Sure do, I joined this site in 2004, long time ago.

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