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Vintage Butcher/kitchen knives

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!970/80s Chicago Cutlery and Cutco knives, USA made... also a Cabela's 18pc set china.

The Cabela's set is 50 bucks, decent for the camper or cabin.

Cutco 5pc set for 100.00  SOLD

Chicago cutlery, the older USA made, good quality knives, we've butchered a lot of animals with just a boning and slicer. The wife can abuse them in the kitchen and they sharpen up easy, keep them out of the dishwasher because of the wood handles.

I've put together one nice butcher set, 62S boning, 66S slicer, 65S fillet, 45S breaking, and the cream of the crop, a 94S lamb skinner, plus a steel. 100.00 SOLD

A basic kitchen set of a 42S chef, 66S slicer, 61S utility, 62S boning and a paring. 50.00 I have enough knives to make multiple sets.

I have a block set of 103S steak knives. 40.00... and some loose singles.

A simple butcher set of a 62S and 66S for 25.00 can make multiples.

Also have some loose specialty knives... RB10 roast slicer, BT10 bread, 78S fillet, 71S curved boning, 103S steak, steel... you can add to a set. 10 to 25 bucks depending on knife.

Mesa around 202 and Recker/Power.

If you want it shipped, must add whatever it costs.

Prices are already low so firm.










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If you have a set of these older Chicago cutlery knives handed down from your parents or grandparents, and are missing 1 or more to complete it, I probably have what you need in these boxes.

Again these are old USA made, not the china stuff CC makes today. 

Originally CC made professional knives, then they became popular with public so they brought them to the main stream. I remember them, inherited a couple, started looking for them, picking up one here a couple there... I have over a hundred loose ones. Good knives the family can abuse and keep on cutting.



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