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Lincoln's First Turkey

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Last weekend my 2 sons and I went turkey hunting for our first fall hunt. We arrived on Thursday evening and setup camp. Friday morning we went to our first spot and someone beat us to it so we decided to go explore some more of the area and went a few miles north. We walked some tanks and glassed some open areas with no success. On the way back to camp we bumped a small group of hens crossing the road. We tried to get out of the truck quietly but they gave us the slip, we were too slow. We continued towards camp and spotted another larger group of turkey that had just crossed the road. We stopped and started sneaking down the road. As we came over a rise I spotted a coyote also putting the sneak on the turkey and he was headed up the road directly at us, but didn't see us yet. I played the gamble of just shoot him and bag a coyote and then try and go for a bird in the chaos, or hope he runs and doesn't bust the turkey. I chose option 2, but if course he freaked and ran right thru the turkey trying to get away and they exploded across the creek and into the trees. No luck. Next day in the AM we got close to some hens but not close enough. 

Saturday afternoon we went to go setup on a waterhole. On the way we spotted a group of hens walking the road. I stopped the truck and they walked right up to the truck and I told my son's not to move and let them pass. When they pass we will sneak out from behind and see if we can bag them. They literally walked to 5 feet in front of the truck and then walked around it. We slowly got out and I was clear first so I took the shot on a hen and smacked her good for my first turkey! Lincoln ran down the road and in the chaos was able to get 2 shots off at a hen, but missed in the excitement. 

We grabbed my bird and went on with plan A to the waterhole. My son's and I setup in a ground blind an archery hunter made and waited. About 30 minutes in a Tom comes flying into the tank. Literally flying in the air with another 2 behind him in the air. They landed a d started eating. 2 more Tom's joined them shortly. The 4 walked around on the other side of the water about 80yrds out for about 15 min. Then I whispered to my son's to not move and stay quiet. I heard a turkey behind us in the brush. A 5th Tom strutted out and worked his way over to the group of 4 and started strutting and parading around like a tough guy. Eventually they all calmed and kept eating. 2 birds started for the water cautiously. They were in range but were crossing each other, and my son froze a little and didn't shoot when he could have.  The other 3 started working in too, and finally the 3rd bird which I think was the one from behind us walked in and my son smoke him at about 40yrds. 

1 clean shot and he was flopping. Unfortunately he flopped right into the waterhole. My son's were both stoked to say the least but I may have been more excited on the inside than both of them. My son's first turkey was a nice Tom. 7.5" beard and once we washed it the fan turned our pretty nice. 




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Crazy how that first shot worked out with those turkey so curious around the truck. And congrats to your son on a nice Tom! Super cool getting the father/son double!

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We mounted his fan and beard DIY and it turned out pretty well. 


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