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Vintage Loading Equipment

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Vintage loading equipment - all could use a good dusting, but everything is, or could be functional.

- Ohaus 10-10 Scale - this one measures in grams and has a grams-to-grains conversion chart.  Works just fine - $35

- Ohaus 505 Scale - a really nice scale.  The powder pan handle came apart, which means it lost its counter-weight BBs.  When I used it, I just placed washers on the handle to bring the scale to zero, but I suppose someone could find a replacement pan.  $30

- Redding Scale - this one needs a new powder pan.  After a quick clean and a pan I'm sure it would work, but I'll sell it as a cool cast paper weight or decorative piece for $5

- CH 204 Loading Press - $20

- CH (red) Loading Press - $20

If someone will take the entire package - I'll do $85 for everything.  Pictures attached, and more to follow. Located in Gilbert. Thanks.

Ohause 10 10 three retake.jpg

scale retake.jpg

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