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Selling Matthew’s Prima bow with upgrades

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This Matthews Prima bow comes with 6 arrows, upgraded sight, arrow release, Matthews quiver, upgraded arrow rest, and stabilizer.

This bow is in like new condition. I did have the archery shop in town, Stick Archery, add my upgrades(listed below). Great bow, I am just not as into archery as I was.

Purchased brand new 2022 - 6 arrows 2 with broad head tips and 4 field tips, see photo.


Matthews PRIMA™ Bow At a 3.93 pounds with a 30 inch axle-to-axle and a 5 1/2″ inch brace heigh t, the Prima is compact and provides women truly unmatched performance. It’s Crosscentric cam produces a smooth draw and consistent accuracy while delivering massive downrange energy, delivering speeds up to 321 feet per second at a 27.5″ draw (calculated speed at 30″ draw is 346 fps). New Pricing $999.99

Upgraded items: TRINITY HUNTER PRO™ BLACK ARROW REST New Pricing $229.99 – $239.99 The Trinity Hunter Pro™ is the next generation of the most stable and repeatable arrow rests on the market, period. Now comes standard with the Rebound Dampener System.

Scott Quick  Shot Release Scott Quick Shot Release -This single-jaw caliper release features our signature roller sear design for an ultra-crisp trigger activation. The Quick-Shot comes standard on our leather buckle strap and has a rope connector that is infinitely adjustable to fit any size archer. Single Caliper Buckle Wrist Strap Crisp Trigger Activation New Pricing $44.99

HOGG-IT MRT, 3-Pin New Pricing $299.99 The Hogg-It features the MRT Pin Guard and a lighter, longer sight bar. This feature-packed sight incorporates all Spot-Hogg has to offer in the most complete, micro-adjustable fixed pin sight on the market. The Hogg-It sight is the #1 choice of pin shooters worldwide. FEATURES: • MRT Pin Guard • Quick Release Hogg Knob • Self Locking Gang Micro-Adjust •  6.5” Dovetail Bow Mount • Micro Adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis • Solid 6061 Aluminum Constructions  

Tucson AZ $850IMG_6830.jpeg.2531dfb2af13baf1af466b627b43cfd2.jpegIMG_6831.jpeg.ebe657dc512c595eb0efecbd32356053.jpegIMG_6832.jpeg.70123e6639590941a19b667cadce0743.jpegIMG_6833.jpeg.bbee660fb8dd8ae1fa93b73234057fbd.jpegIMG_6834.jpeg.e12f626e03eabebd1ddeb922b9ff438b.jpegIMG_6835.jpeg.9b5e51bd86731e848c6b9d2a2d9bbc54.jpegIMG_6835.jpeg.9b5e51bd86731e848c6b9d2a2d9bbc54.jpegIMG_6837.jpeg.b5cb7c09e455b6b895ca2c11ccc439d7.jpegIMG_6836.jpeg.deeaa55632f1c8779926cc56fc3fa85d.jpegIMG_6838.jpeg.b31ad5d3afcbbc511a6b3de1acbae473.jpegIMG_6839.png.a4487227799fe6c70c8ce11ca24bc6cb.png

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