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Swarovski STS dual spotters - Big Eyes

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For Sale - twin Swarovski STS 65's, non-HD. 25-50 wide angle eye pieces. Wells mfg mount. SKB hard case. Soft case. Sonoran products eyepiece synchronizer, never installed. Flawless glass and housing. Well taken care of. Next level glassing. Prescott $4000.20240201_131454.thumb.jpg.332668c228644ab6df43381e930f2052.jpg20240201_131458.thumb.jpg.216eab53505edd045c006926984a14a2.jpg20240201_131507.thumb.jpg.c611b0039597aaa2b63708073e686c83.jpg20240201_131527.thumb.jpg.43b411bb84916184b5de3e57582ed329.jpg20240201_131546.thumb.jpg.962a5d7607912fa284de0e2033b5adbf.jpg20240201_131740.thumb.jpg.07e19fc6d43c949c434c25ebf141f596.jpg Ed F


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